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you could try they send decorated cookies throughout the UK
Not tried that, but I think the red base would make the coloring look pinkish it would take an awful long time to dry too as it would need to be quite thick.
Kenwood every time!I have both (KA Artisan and Kenwood KM005) and the KA just whips out whatever I'm mixing even though I use the splatter guard I have only had it around 8 months (and do not use it much) and it had to go and get repaired a month ago which took 2 weeks.KA's look cool, but if you want practicality get the Kenwood
You can certainly run a cake business from home in the UK. You need to get your local environmental health to come and inspect your kitchen. They are usually very helpful, so don't worry too much. Ideally they want 2 sinks in the kitchen (1 & 1/2 bowl is usually fine) You can't do your washing at the same time as making cakes (if your machine is in the kitchen) Some have a problem with pets and some don't. The biggest problem you may have is your landlord and home...
Try searching for glassine paper. It's they stuff they use in chocolate boxes, I know you can buy it in plain colors, im not sure about patterns though
We actually made cookies in the shapes of their shoes for this company to give to clients for Christmas. They were very picky about how they were done. I'd be very surprised if they give you permission.
I have a mac but was told Cakeboss only works on a pc (i think it might be MS Access based) You could try and run it through Parallel though. Wish it was programmed in Filemaker so it would run on both systems
I use Antonia's recipe. It tastes good, you can add flavoring and it does not dry too hard (probably because of the butter in the cookie) You should never keep royal in the fridge. Always at room temp which is why you use merriwhite instead of fresh egg white. HTH!
Most councils require you to notify them 28 days before you sell a cake, and they may or may not visit you to inspect your kitchen. They like to see at least one and a half bowl sink and a thermometer in the fridge and if you don't have a separate utility room you cannot do washing at the same time as cakes. Also contact the Food Standards agency as they have a file called Safer Food Better Business which is very helpful. You will need to contact HMRC to tell them you are...
Hey Abisnail, Your cakes are great, I LOVE the Angry Birds one! You need to ensure that you are getting compensated for you time as well as everything else and not just ingredients. Electricity, wear and tear on your equipment, research time, insurance etc, etc. The list is endless! If you don't you will get disillusioned very quickly. If you are selling to other people, i highly recommend that you get inspected by the local EHO (not complicated at all) and get some public...
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