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I'm so there already Nutella is great stuff. Please let us know once you have a taste
I recently completed a cooking class. Our Chef instructor said there's no real way to know for sure what 3 cups of anything (dry mixture) weighs. He strongly suggested placing your mesuring vessel on the scale, adjust the needle back to 0 and start measuring out your ingredients. Since flour is lighter in weight than cane sugar, this is the best way to gauge what you need going forward. Good luck. You can do it!
Save your talents for folks who truly appreciate your craft. I've had my share of Wal-mart/Sam's Club thanks. It's QUALITY, not mass produced quantity. Bake on girl!
Howdy from Jacksonville, Florida! Our local Publix supermarkets are great! They will sell an undecorated cake if the need arises. However...(you knew it was coming) They sell it by the pound, and they do not bake on the premises. Good luck.
Beware of the cake stands that tilt! When Lamby-Kins fell off the stand I stood there stunned and frozen. Spouse didn't know what to do, so he brought me a shot of B&B. Your cake is beautiful and now we know about the stands.
I'm feeling your pain here in Florida. Keep your head up...don't stop baking.
Hi,My instructor always recommends rolling the fondant no thicker than a dime. I always have a dime close by when rolling my shapes. To this date nothing has morphed on me. We also brush vanilla extract onto the back of the fondant for adhesive purposes. Good luck.
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