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I had not thought about the volume of frosting. I use a nice thick coat of frosting on my cakes (not just crumb coating). Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. I thought crumbs would show through on the fondant (leave impressions) so I always make sure there's a nice layer of frosting underneath. The air bubbles I get are not small. They are 3-4 inches and HUGE. that's why I have trouble understanding where they came from. I've tried both frosting and fondanting right away...
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but EVERY time I cover a cake in fondant, I get these massive air bubbles. For the cake I did today, I left it in the fridge overnight with the BC frosting alone, then put the fondant on this morning Looked like it was going to stick well and not get air bubbles, but then as Im finishing it I noticed there was a HUGE air bubble on the top layer (this obviously became the back of the cake) . What am I doing wrong to cause these? Do I need...
I decided to go with the sugar cookie idea for bowling pins and used a huge cake ball (since I was making a bunch that day anyway) for the bowling ball. She loved it. Hope you all find the designs you're looking for too! (posted mine in my photos in case anyone wants to see it).
Wow, you do a lot of cakes!
THe link doesn't work. Says I need to register?
well, mine is for an 11 year old girl, so the quote wouldn't go well for mine. But a bowling lane might work.
LOL at giving up that sleeping at night habbit! I've only done one wedding cake. I don't work full time outside the home, but I do have 5 children from ages almost 5 years to 16 years and all the afterschool activities that go with that in addition to running two girl scout troops. I try and do a lot of my flower making a week or more in advance (because i'm so slow and it'll usually take me 2-3 days just to make all the flowers!) and making the frosting ahead of time is a...
My niece wanted a simple "elegant" cake for her sweet 16. I made the "16" out of royal icing to put on top. Here's a link to it here of us did put Sweet 16 in the title on the cake when uploading them
I'm kind of looking for idea's too. My dtr wants a bowling themed party for Sunday so I'll start working on the cake later this week. Hopefully someone will come along with some ideas for us
thanks for all the input on this problem. The wilton violet color spray is actually a few shades darker than my target color, but it was certainly better than the cyanotic color they changed too! So I sprayed them and the finished cake is now posted in my photos. My first paid wedding cake. Kind of exciting
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