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Just the quickest review from me. I think your format for showing your cakes doesn't do your work justice. The boxes are too small and the pink outline around the box draws my eye away from looking at your photos. Right before I looked at your site I looked at this site; and your format pales in impact. Your cakes are very good, with a little tweaking they could look great on your site.
You have 2 issues.   Air bubbles have nothing to do with humidity. It's how your beating or not beating your frosting that creates air pockets. Do a search on making frosting bubble free.   Too much moisture on the exterior of your frosting will make further applications of frosting slide around before adhering. If you blot dry your surface with a paper towel before adding more frosting that will work.
Can you do that with white chocolate plastic so it's more edible? That would be fun! Hum.... goldfish crackers.......I see a blue velvet cupcake, with waves of frosting and goldfish jumping on top.
Ditto. Technically you can divide an egg in half...but it's a pain.
It depends upon what the contest rules say they are looking for, no? If it's got to be a 'cupcake' I take that as being different than a 'muffin'. So beware of changing up your recipe too much to be muffin like. Also remember usually the simpler recipes win....   I seriously wonder what a standard white cake tastes like with cheddar added. It might be good.   I love sweet and salty combo's a lot! You might not need to make your cupcake too savory.   I like...
I always find it first depends upon the size of YOUR cake not what the photo looks like. If your version is smaller, like a 10, 8, 6, 4 you'd probably use a #2 tip.  But if your cake is 14, 12, 10, 8 a #3 or #4 would be about right.   Also it depends on how heavy of a squeezer you are. I keep thinking I need a #3 for detail and every time I use it, it looks really heavy because I'm using a lot of pressure to increase my speed. I can use a #2 tip and get those heavier...
Honestly, the pinecones look real!
My experience with that has been too much egg. That also explains the rubbery texture.
Glad to help.............
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