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3 tbsp. of vanilla for a 6" cake is over kill and a waste of money. You need to bake your cake and taste it yourself so you know what the issues are. Perhaps you're not using a great recipe, perhaps there is too much vanilla or not. Unless you can post a photograph of this cake no one can know for sure what is wrong.
They work fine for small cakes but not full sized cakes. Use metal pans instead.
I've had to use them at a large banquet hall and they were the worst tasting mixes I've ever tasted. I don't know who manufactured them. I believe US Foods was just bought by that may change things.
Here's some éclair inspiration,   I LOVE ECLAIRS!!!!
I thought about ordering from them to give it a taste, but got cheap. I'd rather order something more interesting for my dollar.   Anyway, my point for posting on this thread is...........MAN, you can not believe how they constantly send emails out! I don't want to receive 2 or email per week from ANY company. There isn't any content in the emails like a news letter....just a link to their site to buy a cake.
The only way that will work perfectly for you is if you measure out and weigh your own cake batters or if your using the same exact recipe the conversion chart creator used. Because every cake batter weighs different amounts. 1 cups worth of vanilla cake batter from my recipe probably weighs less than 1 cup full of AZCoutures vanilla cake.   Than each cake rises differently. 1 cup of my vanilla cake batter remains the same height as the liquid batter. Where as 1 cup of...
 I would suggest to you that you've pretty much gotten lucky with all your recipes turning out well. Your cakes probably taste sweeter and less chocolaty than they would have if you used pure unsweetened cocoa powder. You didn't really use a different used LESS unsweetened cocoa powder and more sugar and milk solids instead of pure unsweetened cocoa powder.
Good Work LIZ! I never would have thought to attempt a custard in the micro..   You probably could start a new thread just on short cuts using the microwave.   My 2 favorite uses of the microwave; softening butter and melting chocolate. I couldn't melt chocolate with-out one anymore.   I use it all the time to heat any liquids, like heavy cream for ganache. If you have to live with-out something (like a stove) necessity really is the mother to invention!! I bet...
That would be my explanation too. It happens to some extent with sponge cakes that don't have any additional leavening but the eggs. The kind of cake where you don't spray the pan because the cake needs to cling to the side of the pan as it bakes to support it's structure. Once you cut the cake from the pan it can slouch. Also could happen if your oven dropped temp. halfway through the bake. I just looked up~~titanium dioxide in food...........yuck! I never thought about...
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