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I'm going to see if any of my local distributers carry avoid shipping fees. Thanks!!
Correct, there aren't legal restrictions. But wouldn't you want to use what the majority of professionals in the industry use? Using the wrong title or exaggerating your title is never a smart decision. Unless you live in a bubble...........
Cool, I'd love to try does sound better.
That's still a pastry chef. An executive pc is a higher designation reserved for chefs in larger organizations.
I can see why your wife choose that title.........but it probably doesn't fit the OP.   An R&D Chef is usually not labeled as an executive chef......with-in the industry.
I googled it too.   It's what I think of as fondant, that you'd use on petite fours or doughnuts. The stuff I've purchased before on jobs was always a pain because you'd have to thin it in order to use if you over heat it, it looses it's shine. Although there is a brand that you can buy in powder form so it lasts forever and you make it the consistency you want.   But the catch is, I like how cheap homemade frosting is compared to buying buckets of fondant....
I think agar is a thickening/binding agent.
I knew you knew that, that's why I wrote what I did. Don't let yourself be categorized as anything less than a professional, don't accept it, point out the differences. Don't ever act unprofessionally in anyway and others won't categorize you either.  Jason, an 'executive' chef title is usually (in the industry) reserved for chefs who have other chefs working under them.....and or a chef that isn't hands on.
I LOVE a shortbread cookie frosted like a sugar cookie for taste, but the darn things are too fragile to make in mass. That's why I was delighted with the NFSC. It was the first cookie I've used that you can under bake (less than golden brown) and dip/frost right out of the oven. It's like the old timex ad's: takes a beating and keeps on ticking.
Thank-you! I have a customer who likes a softer cookie. Where do you buy your white & glossy frosting? Are they fondant?
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