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Oh, I misunderstood you AZ, I thought you used the acrylics, sorry.
I used acetate today instead of parchment and it worked beautifully. that made a big difference! But my triangle/t-square was broken so I had to guess on lining up my two acrylics disks. Still can't get that perfected, but it was better.   Over all, I kept screaming at myself as I was using this technique today. It takes me about 3 times longer to ice this way than free hand. If I don't get past this learning curve it's gonna kill me!
Thank-you ladies. I'm thinking that changing to acetate should make all the difference............I'll find out this afternoon!   Just read Jeff Arnett's take (from the link above):   1.  Cover your boards with PLASTIC COATED FREEZER PAPER (I use Reynolds brand, but any plastic coated freezer/butcher paper will work fine) rather than doesn't wrinkle and it releases very cleanly!   2.  To prevent air bubbles on the top surface, smear a very thin coat of...
I bought a set of acrylic disks and I'm trying to learn this upside down technique. So far, I still free hand smooth better than I do with the acrylics. HELP!   So here's two things I'm stuck on (not improving upon yet):   1. getting the base (which will be the top eventually) perfectly smooth. So far I've had too many air pockets (just not a perfectly smooth surface with my butter cream) so I have to go back and retouch my cake free hand to smooth. AZ, are you using...
Yes. Or just rub the outside of it in shortening. It's not great, But it is cheap.
Do not grease or line the sides of you pan. It needs to cling to the pan until it's cold to support it's structure. Who's recipe are you using, post a link to it if you can? There might be a problem with the recipe or instructions.
I live in the suburbs of Chicago, been here for over 50 years....and I can't tell you anywhere in Chi town to find decorating supplies. Just national chain stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Anything "good/cool" I buy online.
Yes, you have to check with your own areas health department for an exact answer. Riches is a non-dairy, (barely) edible product. I can't see how they can object to it, since it's not dairy.
Ah, now that seems like the best answer! Thank-you all, for your help!
Guys, I've got a request for several hundred cookies, "simple, not frosted, just baked on sprinkles, cheap for kids" they want. BUT after 25* years as a professional pastry chef guess what? I've never made cookies like that and even had to google it just to figure out what the guy meant!     I'm feeling pretty dumb. Not sure why, but I don't think I've even noticed them at bakeries I've shopped at............. I don't have maybe I just never notice cookies with...
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