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I did try them and loved them...I never tried the fillings but I plan to when I have some extra time. I love them maybe a little 2! I have quite the collection now!!
Hey Guys!!Melanie - I don't remember a negative post, and if there was one that was not my reason for stepping back. I am glad you like my cakes and were inspired by them. Keep up your good work!! BeachCakes - Thanks for the well wishes!! Berta
Hi,I got a few messages saying you might be looking for me I had a few "issues" so I decided that I would take my pics out of the gallery, and step back from CC for a while. I am busily getting my health department certified kitchen started and that has been taking a lot of my time. I am flattered to be missed by you guys!!!!Berta
I love the buttermilk....that's all I use now. I just found the cocoa for the first time but haven't tried it out yet.Berta
If you order tonight it should arrive by Friday or the very beginning of next week. Put in the comments section that you need it as soon as possible but don't want it shipped expedited and they will get it done. They are really friendy there.Berta
Hi,The only thing I can think of is a Napoleon pastry that I have had. It is flaky layers filled with custard and then topped with a crisp glaze.I'm not much help sorry!Berta
Sometimes they are good for something LOL!!
I just wanted you guys to know, especially if you live in North Texas, that my hubby just got me a Canon ip6000d for edible images for $79 at Fry's Electronics.Berta
I pay about $15 for a 50lb bag at Sam's Club or $3.50 for the 7lb bag....they run out of the big bags pretty often.Berta
Thank you guys for all the compliments!! Your are too kind!!!Karen.....Sometimes I use molds, sometimes I draw (do a transfer) with the melted candy melts. It depends on the cake and what I am going for.Berta
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