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I dont think you need to add any more, i do thin k tho that black ribbon around the board whould finish the cake off as it will work better the the grey. Great detail!!
i have done this and never had a problem
this may sound stupid... but why do you use a flower nail in the middle of the cake? what does this do?
Well done saraW! Great work! esp when you are proud of the job you did, makes all the time and worry pay off! Love the tiara!
Very nice cake! after 45 years they deserve something as stunning as that!
wow! congrats very nice lookin cake! great job!
Tamworth is beautiful! when i lived in singleton we travelled there a few times! NSW is beautiful altogether!
Sorry about the late reply ladies! I have been so flat out with cakes that i havent had the chance to jump on here! So i would just like to say a BIG thank you to all of you that have written lovely comments about my cakes! Its so nice to hear!!!!! THANK YOU!Um i dont know how to post with a quote but in regards to a question about my figurines, they are made out of plastic icing with cmc/tylose added.Its so good to see so many of us out there!!! GO THE AUSSIES hahahaKeep...
Hi all!Just passing through and thought i would say hi!and welcome to CC!!!
WOW! Congrats! Hope All Goes well for you!
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