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Thanks for your quick response!   The rosettes on this cake look different from the tutorials I've seen. Is this because of technique or the tip? TIA
Great idea. Thanks for posting!
My 38 year old niece wanted to decorate a cake so she bought some Wilton fondant. She couldn't believe she had to roll it out! She thought it came already rolled and she just nicely laid it on her cake. She ended up icing it and let her kids make the decorations. She gave up cake decorating after that.
I just stumbled on this website that has some great images, especially in the "Patterns and Wallpapers" section that could also be used for edited to provide working link.)
Thanks KoryK. That helps!
I'm looking for a picture of a monogram made to look like it's made of branches but can't find one. Has anyone done this? I'm making a fall wedding cake with acorns, pinecones and lots of leaves and thought this would look nice as the topper.
Thanks so much for posting these instructions KHalstead! I made a small monogram for a wedding shower cake and the customer loved it. The photo is here:
Jo-ann's has The Cricut Expression is on sale for $300 regularly $400.
When I took a tour of the Chicago French Pastry School at the ICES convention, they had a demo on melting chocolate in the microwave without tempering. I don't remember all the specifics. Anyone else go on that tour?
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