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I use a #2 or #3 tip to make the holes depending on the size of the button. It acts like a mini cookie cutter and you'll have nice clean holes.
I don't know if I'd trust foam core for a large cake, I use plywood. I think people cut out the circle just to save a little fondant, I've never heard that it had any purpose! Happy decorating!
Maybe put a bright safety orange cap on the baby's head!
I don't know either, but I've seen that Nestle has put out cans of Dulce de Leche (already boiled condensed milk) recently.......I haven't tried it, but it might take away the need to worry about a can exploding in my kitchen and/or all over someone as it boils.
They DONT!!! I just spent 5 minutes looking that one up to be sure. Thanks!
Teddy Grahams don't have eggs in them? I never really thought about that one.....
Post it! Post it! We love seeing each others trials! I need to try MMF. The cake supply store I use just raised it's price on their pettinice, again!
Ok, first of all, it's ok to say no. Perfectly fine!But, I've had 2 c-sections and I'm going to another in April. And all I have to say is that by 8 weeks, you might be ready for a little distraction that doesn't involve breastfeeding or diapers. If you're doing it from home you can do it on your schedule and really take your time. I'd have your friend choose a relatively simple design and go for it!
It's a fantastic cake! When I'm worried about a little wrinkle or a bulge, I just try to strategically place my figure to cover them, or I use a bigger border. I think I only noticed yours because you pointed it out! It's a really cool cake!
Great article here for you!
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