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Im supposed to make a cake this weekend and I was thinking about making candy clay roses and flowers for the top. The cake will have to be refrigerated though, Will the flowers be ok??Thanks in advance!Cindy
I'm not to sure if there is a rule as to how long it needs to dry, I've never really had a problem (yet).....any chocolate experts out there.....???
I'm not you let it dry too long maybe?? Here's a bump. Im sure someone can help you
Not sure what to tell you but here's a bump!
Good Morning!! Im still hoping for some help
I have a cake that I'll be finishing up tomorrow and my customer needs it for Saturday. I'm covering the cake and making borders with whipped topping (similar to rich's bettercream). I've already made some gumpaste flowers and my first ever bow BUT I mentioned before...she needs it for SAT...which means she'll have to refrigerate it....will my gumpaste decorations melt from the whipped topping or the fridge?I'm going to bed now but hopefully someone can help....
Try italian meringue buttercream or swiss meringue buttercream. Those will come out shiny Recipes are on this site.
I'm not sure what to tell you....if the buttercream is on the dry side and it gets too cold you don't want it to fall off the cake.'s a bump, Im sure someone will have some words of wisdom for you....
My sister and I had the same thing happen with a wedding cake we made recently. Do you think maybe the buttercream crusted too well because it sat in the fridge overnight that the fondant didnt stick well enough to the buttercream....I was kind of guessing that. The fondant would bubble out and we had to pick it with a pin and smooth it out again.....could that be a possibility???
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