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Can Royal Icing be sanded smooth?
I think you are giving him plenty for the price. Will all that fit in there? I bought similar boxes at Michaels and was trying to figure out how much I can fit in as well.
1. How much money have you spent on cake supplies? Don't keep track. I've been spending a lot on fondant supplies and cookie cutters lately. Been doin this for as long as I can remember.2. Have you payed your expenses with the cakes you've sold? Lately I have been using my cookie money to buy new supplies. Trying to save for a new double oven, but I keep finding new tools to play with and spending my money on those. LOL!!! Luckily my hubby is a spender too.3. What is...
Yes. They work fine on buttercream, just not on whipped cream/Pastry Pride - they break down.
Last year they were 50 cents. My WalMart ran out so early in the season. I lucked out while visiting my girlfriend in Vegas. Her WalMart was totally stocked. I ended up buying 30 more from there. Wrapping them tight. Stuffed my suitcase with them - had to borrow a bag from her for my clothes - checked them on the plane. Got home with none broken. I'm going again in a couple of weeks, if my WalMart is sold out again, you can bet I'll be stocking up in Vegas.
Whenever I plan to do something 'different' I do just as Yellowdog suggested. Stack your pans to see if you like the look. I personally prefer using different shapes stacked together.
Bronwyn should have won in my opinion. I LOVED her cake. The colors were stunning. Everything about it was spectacular. Norman's cake should have placed too. Duff does amazing work, but I didn't think this time around was better than Normans. I too was surprised by the outcome. Hubby and I were both shocked. He's been getting into these challenges and now he wants to attend one. LOL!!
That cookie is in the Wilton Yearbook. Try their website.Here is a link to the picture I've used.
I have never been able to find a black fondant writer. I started using the Wilton tube icing (the larger tube) and just thin it a bit and put into a bag with a #3 or #2 tip and use that. It dries perfect for stacking a bagging. Takes a little longer than the fondant writer but quicker than making a batch of RI.
"Brush-On" icing. Is this a new product?? I've never heard of it. Last year I used the icing that comes in the big tubes and did my colorful turkey feathers with that. Much easier than making all those colors. I used the Deco-cake brand, or something like that. They were 10 for 10 at my Alberton's at the time so I sort of stocked up.
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