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I am making a ladybug birthday cake today. I baked my cakes last evening, intending to carve and decorate today.I have prepared two 10" cakes, with the plan to carve them into a ladybug. I have always been one to learn the hard way, but now I am seeing that a lot of people use a pyrex bowl to bake cakes that are going to be this shape. I did not do that. I will have to carve. I am looking for any tips or advice on creating a great rounded shape by carving with a knife. ...
I have seen it done on Cake Boss using Royal Icing and a scraper. It looked pretty easy, and I have wanted to try it for awhile. Haven't had the opportunity yet. He placed the stencil on the side (or top) of the cake. He scooped royal icing on the side of the scraper and smeared it across the stencil. Next, he carefully pulled the stencil away leaving a beautiful and clean design. It looked fabulous.Hope that helps. Good luck!!
My Sunbeam was terrible. It couldn't handle the work and went out on me after just a few months. I now have a Kitchenaid.
Fondant is not supposed to be refrigerated. I have never made my own though, so I don't know why you are having trouble coloring it.
I AGREE!! Eeks! Come on guys...we can give our opinions and still be kind. We are here to support each other. Full refund for sure. Live and learn. EVERYONE makes mistakes!!!!
I have had problems with bulging too. Sometimes my fondant looks great and sometimes it doesn't. I can't figure it out!! I HAVE tried putting a dam...I HAVE tried using thin buttercream (although I have noticed on cake shows that most of the professionals put a thick enough buttercream layer to hide the cake entirely--even if they are calling it a crumb coat...I HAVE tried putting the cake in the fridge.I think cakes with fondant taste better when they have a thicker...
I was wondering about it too! I have been eyeing it for months, but couldn't get myself to spend that much money on it!!
Beautiful job!!
This is the issue I have sometimes. Suggestions? I have used a dense cake as well, and it didn't seem to make a difference.
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