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If you can post a photo, that would help us "diagnose" what you're seeing.    In some cases, it could be sanding sugar.   If it's Disco Dust, it renders the product INEDIBLE, unless the "sparkling" parts can be completely removed befor serving.   Rae
  Yep, this was my take on it a soon as I read it because it's the general ABC recipe that I've been using for about 8 years.  Not too sweet, holds up well at room temp.   If you can get your hands on hi ratio shortening, even better.  I prefer unsalted butter and I add a bit of popcorn salt, instead.  I also use madagascar or bourbon vanilla.  If I need pure white, I add a few dots of violet food coloring to counteract the yellow tinge and it works beautifully.   Rae
Well, even if it's cold in the house, it still may be humid--has it been rainy?   Any fondant, in a humid environment, will degrade--it's sugar.  It's not "melting", it's liquifying in the presence of humidity.  A sugar lollipop would do the same thing--try to go back to sugar syrup--because sugar attracts water. If the cake under it is also moist, it's being assaulted on both fronts, too.  If it's been covered in an airtight container, the process will be even...
Navy can be very tough because many black fondants aren't just "black"--they're usually a mix of many, many colors.  When you add other colors to them, they can turn purple, green, or even reddish.   I suggest adding a bit of white to your black to see if you can determine what the base shade might be and then go from there.   I like to move toward navy using powdered colors.  I usually start with mix of blue and black fondant and use powdered black and blue to...
I like to start with a frozen cake when I'm carving--the cake stacked in a general way that'll lend itself well to what the final shape will be.    Sometimes, due to time constraints or design issues, I'll have to cover it in saran again.  If it needs more carving, I may freeze it just a bit, but in general, I'll leave it at room temp.   I find that I can get better details on a frozen cake.  Things seem to stay put better.   Rae
I strongly suggest that you only tint your gum paste a light pink.  If you try to saturate it to a deep red--with ANY type of color (gel, paste, or powder), it will ruin the consistency of the paste and it will be a nightmare.   Dust the flowers once completed and then lightly steam.   I love, love, love, Poinsettia by Crystal Colors found at  It's a true, bright red and covers beautifully.   Rae
Sounds like a plan.  I'd try one first before committing to more.   The lamp with a high watt bulb  for drying is done because that causes the top to dry shiny quickly.  If shiny doesn't matter, allowed to dry naturally, they'll just be a bit duller. Rae
Fine, eat all YOU want.............BUT DON'T FEED IT TO ANYONE ELSE UNLESS YOU DISCLOSE TO THEM THAT IT IS PLASTIC.   Glad your colonoscopy is clear NOW.  Per my MD/MPH DH, all it takes is one particle stuck in your appendix or diverticulum (too high in your system to be seen on a colonoscopy....) to set you up for a mighty (possibly life threatening) infection.    But, hey, the world is full of risk takers, so go for it.  Personally, I don't want to every have...
You could use low temp hot glue or royal icing.   Rae
Sorry, no pic.   Rae
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