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I make BC with all butter (yellow and full fat) and bourbon vanilla.    I add in a few scant drops of violet gel/paste color and I get a lovely white BC with no change in flavor or consistency.  Such an easy fix.   Rae
I highly recommend the FDA approved, edible dusts by or (their website isn't great, but if you e-mail them or contact them thru facebook, they'll be happy to work with you).   Rae
I use foamcore boards as well.    I find the ones from the dollar stores to be "odd" and somewhat flimsy compared to the ones I get from Michael's or Joann.  I prefer the heavier paper coating on those. When on sale, the price is very comparable.   I don't cover the boards with anything because I don't want foil/paper/saran to come up when the cake is cut.  I melt edible soy wax in the microwave and wipe on a thin coat after having sanitized the board with...
If I use the Wilton plastic plates, I still put on a cardboard because I'll be moving the cake around while decorating.  I also don't like the idea of people cutting the cake and "carving" up the plastic plates--which I re-use.   I attach the cardboard to the plastic plate with some double sided tape.  Cake is attached to the cardboard with some buttercream.  Nothing goes anywhere.   Rae
Any time.  Hope all of the advice helps things go better with the next cake.   Rae
It would help to know where you're located.   I have no faith in basic cardboard cake boards for heavy tiered, transported cakes.  3mm is actually just over 1/10th of an inch, so that's pretty thin.  My foamcore boards are 4.75 mm thick and 10X sturdier than corrugated cardboard.  You could put together several regular cardboards--3, at least--alternating the way the corrugation goes and it'll be much better.  Even if they're not corrugated, I'd still put at least 2...
I think you'll really like the bubble tea straws.    They don't displace cake like wooden dowels do because the cake goes up into the cavity  of the straw, acting like a sticky "plug".  They're also so easy to cut with just a good pair of large scissors.   I've also found some in bright colors (easy to see in the cake) at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.   Rae
A stephanotis cutter has 5 petals, not 6.  That is, indeed, the Stephen Benison daffodil cutter.   Rae
I use royal icing or low temp hot glue.  Either works very well.   Rae
I'm sorry to say this, but if the dowels are cut and placed properly AND the cake boards are sturdy enough, there is really no structural reason at all for the "top tiers to sink into the bottom tiers".   First an foremost, if it's hot, the cake and/or the transport vehicle MUST be cooled to less than 80F.  The cake MUST be placed out of direct sunlight.  It must be on a completely FLAT surface--NOT in a trunk/boot, but in an area where the air conditioning will keep...
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