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Try using Watermelon or Bubble Gum or Cotton Candy Loran Oil flavorings. Especially if you have to use fondant. Watermelon and a strawberry cake are YUMMY!
Bass Pro Shops is a great way to start. If there is one close to you, stop in and pick up a flier. Go see what you are up against with regards to detail. I would start with a rectangle cake several layers thick and then carve the front. The back is usually pretty squared off. Use modeling chocolate to form the motors and other goodies. If I am going to do a custom cake and am able, I always take a field trip. Have fun.
What about doing a stacked round, use plaid fondant accent swags from top to bottom and then doing their cake topper with their initials done UK font style? Plaid seems to be the schools new thing. They have pictures of some bags that actually look pretty nice. If you had a fountain, you could tint the water blue as well. Shell border could have a bag loaded with multiple colors for a plaid look border. Just a thought.
Ask if she has a facebook page and if she would mind being facebook friends. You could read her profile and see if you could find some ideas of what she likes. I also like the box idea. What about a Tiffany Box?
You could do a cake that looks like stairs with a railing (Cover pasta with royal) and put little toys all over the stairs, the blanket, stuffed animals and maybe model the child out of modeling clay.
use a round cake pan and a sheet pan to make an award. use the round for the top part of the award and write AYP on it and use the sheet to cut the ribbons/tails and trim to make points. take the left over cake, mush it up into balls and dip in chocolate. place the chocolate balls around the round cake for the effect of a ruffled ribbon. no waste and lots of fun.
I am a gadget freak and have found the coolest tool. It is called The Super Peel ( I don't have to flip any more. You just slip the cake on the board and slip it off. There are wonderful examples on their website.
Make sure that the stamp is certified non-toxic first. You can always contact the company that manufactures the stamp and have them fax you a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).
Where can I find information on Gelatin flowers, embossed gelatin and other ways to use gelatine? Are there books? If so what are the names of the books?
I have been using the Wilton recipe and it seems to crust very quickly. When I try to smooth the icing (whether with a warm spatula or a cold one) I end up with a sticky mess that seems almost like marshmallow. I have to frost it fast and try to make it perfect the first time around. I have tried waiting and using a piece of parchment paper but as soon as I disturb the frosting, LOOK OUT! Should I add more water? More sugar? Less shortening? Brands of powdered sugar?
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