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Which cake did you end up making? I can't see it in your posts.
I think $15 is good for all the trouble but, if you don't want to charge the full $15, you can always charge $10 and have her help to baby sit while you make the souffle. This could not only help you but she would get what she wants and you could take it a little slower.
Congrats!So... did you win the best in show or not?...I'm in suspense here!
You may also want to try the technique I used on these cakes. It is a simple way to have any colors you want on the cake and just add the piece on top and you don't have to kill yourself making any type of picture of Drake and Josh... that is just not worth it.Here is how I did it. First you find any picture you like from your preferred source (internet, coloring book, etc.). You need a Wonder cutter. This is a foam cutting devide for about $11 (professional cutters sell...
Yesterday I tried finding a recipe I posted online in order to give it to a coworker and I can't see it. I came today to try to post it because I thought it wasn't there and it tells me it already exists but, I still search for it and can't find it...Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anyway you can help me on this one?
I use the same icing to frost my cake and make FBCTs. This is the recipe I use all the time and it has never failed me...1 can of Crisco (1 lb.)2 lb. confectioners sugar 1/2 cup of water 2 tsp. desired flavor (mostly I use vanilla or butter emulsion)
Good for you! I'm glad you got it for free. This is a great start...CONGRATS!
I have at home a couple of acrylic pieces cut to size which I use as plates (double cardboard has worked as well) and then divide them using a 4-inch wide PVC pipe. It works pretty nicely and it is very stable. Once you put them in place they are not going anywhere but, if you don't feel safe, you can use some double sided or mounting tape to secure them in place. You can wrap the PVC in color gift paper or in any other type of paper you like to go with your cake. I...
Sorry, double post...something is wrong with my PC today!
I made my own calculations and it seems that they came up close to Wilton's...I think the best way to handle customers is to let them know exactly HOW the cake should be cut and also the minimum and maximum amount of slices they can get if they don't cut it the way they should.For example...I estimate that a 6 x 3-inch cake is enough for 20 people if I were to cut it using the Wilton method but, if the customer cuts it differently, using 2-inch slices they could get upto...
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