Bratz Birthday Cake Results!

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suzyqqq27 Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 5:20am
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Hi all,

I scrapped the doll cake idea for my niece's Bratz birthday cake and went with a frozen buttercream transfer instead. It was my first one and except for a few mistakes...okay a lot of mistakes...I think it turned out pretty well. Her face looked a little pocky (didn't mix the colour well enough) and I didn't work fast enough to get the wax paper off...had to redo the bottom of the boots and one part of the skirt...but, I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here's the link:

Thanks for all your help with the doll cake questions...sorry it was all for not,
Suzanne M.

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-TenderHeart Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 5:48am
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'Cute cake, Suzanne! icon_smile.gifthumbs_up.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 5:50am
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Hey Suzy~

Looked at your cake & I think it looks great!! icon_smile.gif You did a great job!!!! thumbs_up.gif Just wanted to let you know~

m0use Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 2:02pm
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Didn't look like there were any mistakes to me. Good job!

Lisa Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 2:13pm
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I thought your cake was wonderful! I was really impressed with the way the BCT looked. It was seamless! thumbs_up.gif

SquirrellyCakes Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 5:28pm
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Well it certainly looks really good to me! Great job!
Regarding having trouble getting it off the waxed paper, did you go over all the back of the transfer with a coating of the same coloured icing as the cake? This makes it stronger and easier to remove. You are looking for about 1/4 inch thickness of icing. Also, most of us go around the outer edges, kind of outlining it with the same colour icing as the top of the cake will have, you do this before you freeze it. I find that the longer you freeze it, the easier it is to remove. SO basically after it has set, I cover it with parchment, bag it and then freeze the whole thing, plexigalss or board and all.
Anyway, your cake doesn't look like you had any problems.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

stuttgartkim Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 5:35pm
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Wow! That Bratz cake is great!! You're quite talented!

- kim

diane Posted 7 Mar 2005 , 7:15pm
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great job! i did two bratz cakes a couple of months ago, but didn't take pictures with a digital camera because i didn't have one back then. i also didn't know about bct. i did my cakes the hard way!! don't ask, you don't wanna' know! icon_surprised.gif

suzyqqq27 Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 1:44am
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Thank you all for your kind comments.

Extra thanks to Squirrelly Cakes for the additional information on the BCT. I shall do that next time. I thought I just worked too slowly when I took it out from the freezer...perhaps it should have been thicker too...I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks again to all who looked,
Suzanne M.

curiegas Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 2:33am
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That cake is beautiful. My niece loved it when I showed it to her. She is "into" Bratz right now and even plays for a soccer team named after them. Now she wants a cake like that one, so I have to start practicing on the BCT.


SquirrellyCakes Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 2:41am
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You are most welcome, kiddo!
I made simple ones years ago, maybe 15-20 years ago and I did my first one since then, about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was quite the experiment for me. I made up my own recipe for the icing, because I had time to play and had heard of various issues with various icings. Well to my amazement it worked out well! Now when I had done them before, we didn't back up the icing nor did we re-outline around them as Dawn shows in her instructions, but I found that it made for a more successful transfer and about the only thing that I don't like about doing it that way, is it is a fair amount thicker when you put it on the cake. SO it has its down side, yours blends in better because it isn't as thick and yet I guess you didn't enjoy the breaking issues, so there you go. You have to compromise somewhere.
With my icing I didn't have to let the outlining set or anything, it was all the same icing consistency. I was surprised it didn't bleed out as I sometimes have that issue with certain icings when they are frozen and I have no idea why I didn't this time. I had the transfer in the freezer for a week. What I did, was I froze it once it was set up, with a sheet of parchment over the top of it, then I bagged the whole thing in my favourite, an unscented green garbage bag, haha! Then after it had frozen overnight, I took it out, reversed it onto another sheet of parchment so the good side was up, put another sheet over the image and re-bagged it all again on top of my plexiglass, more so that it would be level in the freezer, than out of necessity. Anyway, it was just fine a week later.
So see you can teach an old new, a new version of old tricks, haha!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

Jenni Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 3:10am
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how did you get the icing to shimmer? or was that just the way it looked in the picture? Very cute!

diane Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 8:04pm
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i scanned pictures of my two brazt cakes i did, finally! was not done with the bct. icon_redface.gif that one took a lot longer to do. they are in the gallery.

SquirrellyCakes Posted 8 Mar 2005 , 8:32pm
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Originally Posted by diane

i scanned pictures of my two brazt cakes i did, finally! was not done with the bct. icon_redface.gif that one took a lot longer to do. they are in the gallery.

Amazingly well done, good for you, they are terrific too!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

suzyqqq27 Posted 9 Mar 2005 , 6:00am
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Your cakes are great! I especiallyl like the one with the Bratz title above the picture...if you didn't do a BCT then how did you do it?

They're great,
Suzanne M.

P.S. Jenni, regarding the icing shimmer...I think it was just my flash...I did notice that, that batch of icing was a little wetter and shinier than my usual but I really didn't do anything different.

flayvurdfun Posted 9 Mar 2005 , 8:48am
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Hey suzyqqq, (sarcastically--->) Thanks! icon_razz.gif
I was talking to friends here this morning about cakecentral, icon_lol.gif
and one of them was talking about a Bratz cake for her daughters bday, if they were going to be here for it, they PCS sometime....well I told her about your cake, she went on her to look.
She just called me and asked me if they do have a party here for her daughter, if I could do a cake for her.... like yours... I laughed at her.... told her I could only TRY because your cake was fantastic and I can't seem to get the BCT down yet.
But I did tell her I would do a cake for her if she wanted me to. So now where did you get the picture? This way I am preparing in case I do have to do one.

suzyqqq27 Posted 10 Mar 2005 , 2:15am
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Here is the link to the pic I used:

You might have to cut and paste that into your browser window 'cause it's so long.

You can do it...if I did it then you can do it!

Let me know if you need anything else,
Suzanne M.

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