stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 3:57pm
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Here is my carousel that I made.

Tell me what you think...can I market it?

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debsuewoo Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 3:59pm
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Ummmm... sorry Stephanie, no picture. Try again!


stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:03pm
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stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:15pm
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Sorry that I forgot to add picture.

Picture is attached now.

bonniesido Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:18pm
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I would guess that anyone that decorates cakes would like to have one of those. It looks like the perfect size for a home kitchen. MARKET IT FOR SURE!!!! I know I would want one!

KayDay Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:20pm
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I want one TOOOOO!!!! thumbs_up.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:21pm
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Quick, stick a patent on that sucker!!!! Talk about your home based business! Just be careful or you will be making more tip holders than cakes!!!
Let me know when you are in production-I want one!

stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:24pm
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Thanks so much for all the inspirations.

Sorry that I forgot to add the cake turntable...will do it now.

debsuewoo Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:32pm
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That is an awesome idea! I think it is marketable, especially to those of us who hate opening and closing the tip boxes!


gibson Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:36pm

How convenient! Are all of the tips numbered on the board? I think you could make a lot of money on that idea!!!! Please let me know when they are for sale I would like to get one!

GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

adven68 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:37pm

The box that Wiltons tips comes in is for the birds! I love this idea....right now I have transferred all of my tips into a small clear tackle box. It has 5 compartments and I bunched up all the similar ones together.

You should definately at least patent the idea before someone else does!

nola Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:37pm

Great idea; go for it !

littlebubbieschocolates Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 4:53pm

my hubbie made me something like that. its little bit diff but not by much. i just wish i had my cam installed on here id show you.. its great tho makes everything so much easier to get too.. icon_smile.gif

stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 5:02pm

How would I get a patent?

Since I have my name on the pictures would that protect me until I get this patent?

Help is really appreciated.

MrsMissey Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 5:05pm

Your name can easily be taken off the picture so better get working on that patent............what a great invention!!

littlebubbieschocolates Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 5:05pm
Originally Posted by stephanie214

How would I get a patent?

Since I have my name on the pictures would that protect me until I get this patent?

Help is really appreciated.

i dont think so bc it doesnt say when u did it. like a copy right kind of deal. anyone can still come along and take it. just also to ur name can still be taken off.. id get a patent for it asap

LadyTee Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 5:08pm

I just applied for a trademark for a pageant that I will be starting as soon as all of the legals are finished and I found most of my information at I know there is patent information on there.
Good luck with it and let me know when I can order one. My tips are never on the little pegs in my Wilton caddies like they are suppose to be.

stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 5:25pm

Thats everyone for your help...I'm getting excited!!!

Dale Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:03pm

Great idea. You will need to contact a patent attorney to advise you of the process and start a patent search. You will need to submit a plan of the model to the U.S. Patent Office for approval. The Patent Office will register the plan and check to see if there ever have been any similiar or same submissions on your idea. You will be issued a temporary patent number. Now, I know you are proud of your Handy Dandy Tip Turning Tray, but YOU NEED TO TAKE THE PHOTO OFF OF THE WEB SITE AND ANY OTHER SITE IMMEDIATELY. Wouldnt you hate for someone to see that photo and say "What a good idea!" and beat you to the Patent Office? You would be s.o.l. with no legal recourse, especially now, as you have posted the picture in public domain. Sorta boots the what little property rights you have out the window, as you are not currently protected by patent and you cannot prove that you are the first with the idea. With any new idea that you think there may be a market for, as hard as it is...keep it a secret until you have a temp patent ID.
Last hint, do not use these "patent your invention" companies you might see advertised on t.v. It's a winning deal..for them but not you. This is a long process and it is not cheap, but it is also generally not cost prohibitive either. Just look around at all the little dorky inventions. I say that you have yourself a Wilton best seller though.
(inventor of the personal home computer and the internet--I posted the pictures..IBM, Bill and Al conspired together and stole it from me)

MrsMissey Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:09pm

I agree with Dale completely!

..I loved your last line Dale, I had to read it twice before I got it!!! Guess I'm a little slow today!

Dale Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:16pm

Was wondering if anyone would catch that!

stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:18pm

Thanks Dale and MrsMissey,

Have contacted a lawyer that is a close family friend in DC for advice and he advised me to delete all pictures from the site...I pretty much think that the ball is rolling.

MrsMissey Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:29pm

Smart move!! Good luck to you and please keep us posted !! Congrats!!

Dale Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:29pm

ees no probleem.
Hope it works out for you. Please remember, if you make a million bucks... send a greeting card to my home address, which is:
Pay to the order of D-A-L-E
500,000. dollar (street)
My zip code looks suspiciously similar to your check routing number, Just write that down, it will get to me. Honest.

stephanie214 Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 6:55pm

Thanks so much Dale,

I got your hint also.

MrsMissey, thank you once again.

Dale, wish I could say..."your check is in the mail", unfortunately, I can' poor icon_cry.gif

traci Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 7:03pm

I did not get to see your invention...but sounds neat. Good luck Stephanie! thumbs_up.gif

Dale Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 8:03pm

Im poor too. Get my wife to get a better job. I'd be happy as a "kept husband." Im still all broke up about the check thing.

veejaytx Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 8:05pm

I'm glad I read the whole thread before I started yelling "I can't see the picture!" You Go Girl! Good Luck, I'd love to be able to say I know a millionaire! Janice

psurrette Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 8:14pm

Am I missing soemthing? I dont see the picture anywhere!!! Please help

MrsMissey Posted 2 Oct 2005 , 8:58pm

..picture has been removed by Stephanie214!

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