Friday Night Cake Club For 6/24/16

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catlharper Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 1:59am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! ALL levels of cakers are welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can.


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catlharper Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 2:00am
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Hi everyone,

It's been an interesting week at work so far so I'm really hoping you guys have some lovely creations to share tonight!  No cakes or baking for me this week but it's coming up soon!


kstevens Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 2:26am
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This weekend is Kingsport Gala Days and one of the activities is a community wide yard sale.  I do a bake sale table every year and this year am adding some of the pottery I have made. I spent the day baking mocha truffle cookies, peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, date squares, banana chocolate chip muffins, blueberry nutmeg muffins and sugar cookies. The sugar cookies are flowers and Lego man heads.

I'm also working on a baby shower cake for Sunday. I have a feeling tomorrow night is going to be a late one as I don't want to miss out on all the activities by staying inside doing the cake in the after noon. 

I'll post pictures maybe tomorrow or Sunday morning.  Heading to bed now.  Hope everyone had a great week and looking forward to seeing your creations :-) 

DormCat Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 2:33am
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Good evening everyone.

First, let me say how much I enjoy seeing all the different cake photos as well as the conversations. I'm not a newbie in cake decorating but by no means a professional.  It's more of a hobby  for me although I do take an occasional order for family and friends.  I will be doing my first wedding cake for a friend and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. It will be a 4 tier white with two of the tiers having the quilted pattern. I have the Wilton 4" roller which I've used before and the pattern comes out very nice.  i haven't decided yet if I will roll the pattern over the entire piece of fondant or just the sides. The sides will have white pearls pressed into each diamond corner and the top none.  Will it look tacky that way or should I roll a 4" wide pattern for the side and lay a round solid on the top. 

My second question is the brides flowers are turquoise peonies and all white daffodils. In the photos I've seen so far of the peonies on the cake there is not calyx or leaves. Is there a reason for that? the majority of the flowers will be on the top layer and I want the bride to be able to put them in a vase to save. Do I just do the flowers with no leaves  or calyx  and ask her to return the flowers to me and I can add the them to the vase bouquet?  I appreciate any suggestions you may have. 

Marian64 Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 3:07am
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@kstevens ‍ looking forward to to seeing the cake and everything else sounds delicious.

@DormCat ‍ are you making the flowers? Not sure how you could get them in the case without some kind of stem to attach to the flower.

I just realized I have baby shower cake on the 9th. Should be fun as I will have to decorate it at someone else's house. They live about a hour and a half away and I don't have a refrigerator in my car. The heat and humidity would equal a disaster.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's cakes.

MBalaska Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 4:04am
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The best part of Cat's Friday night cake club is that it's a place for the Forum folks to put their creations up for view.  It's nice to see people that are participating & chatting together showing the results of their creativity.


gumpaste sugar flowers, using Nicholas Lodges Craftsy class for Sunflowers is my only project this week.

catlharper Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 4:11am
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I can't wait to see how everything works out for you @kstevens ‍ If you take a photo of your completed table please try to post it?!

@DormCat ‍ Sometimes I think it's a color not have the green of the flower there. You can buy them unpainted without leaves but wired and then choose to add the green parts if you want. For me it depends on what I want the final cake to look like...and if green fits the colors scheme or not. But either way Wedding cakes are nail biters. You want SO much to get it perfect for the important day. It's not like a birthday cake where you can do better next year...a lot of pressure. I've been told it's a good thing...makes you work harder...but, in my experience, it's just stressful. I have a baby shower coming up where the cake is wedding sized and I'm already dreading it. Don't get me wrong, I'll love it...I'll totally adore it...but the night before I begin work on it I'll be wondering what the hell I got myself into! LOL!

@MBalaska ‍ Oh my goodness I simply LOVE your cupcakes!!! SOOOOO pretty! And, yes, I simply adore seeing the creations here!


Amy_lwalling Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 4:26am
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Dar917 Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 5:36am
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No cakes this week for me but I will probably be making a berry tart tomorrow.

And one small gripe: My husband's aunt and uncle have a wedding business, decorating and catering receptions and other parties. I've been talking to them about referring clients to me for the cakes. I might have had my first order this week; apparently the bride was describing it as "unusual" and something with a veil, something she found on Pinterest. But she won't send them a photo so I would know if I could do it or not! Either send a photo so I can give an answer, or if she found someone else who said they'd do it already then TELL us!! So frustrating!! >:(

Pastrybaglady Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:06am
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Love your sunflowers MB! What are you going to do with them?

MBalaska Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:57am
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not sure yet @Pastrybaglady ‍   They are so big, that I think a Paul Bradford style 'bucket' cake may be in order.

Every other flower I've made so far, has a pretty soft look, the poppies & daisy cake was a little rugged looking, but this sunflower is way beyond rugged.  and so BIG.

kstevens Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:19pm
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@DormCat ‍ interesting question about the peonies as I've often wondered myself why a calyx never seems to be used.  I don't do a lot of sugar flowers but have recently tried peonies and didn't bother to add them as they wouldn't be seen anyways.

@MBalaska ‍ I love those sunflowers! They are one of my favorite flowers and these are perfect :-)

The gala day activities yesterday were very successful other than the fireworks being canceled due to a fire ban.  That was disappointing but there have been a couple of forest fires here in NS due to it being so dry so the ban is in place.  I'm always so impresed with what they do here for such a small community, lots to do for all ages.

 @catlharper ‍ I didn't take a (good) photo of my bake sale table.  It was too hot to have everything out at once anyways.  I'll post pictures of the sugar cookies I did though.

I did really well with my sale yesterday :-)  I have customers who come year after year and one who came later in the morning ran in to my yard to get a package of the mocha truffle cookies. Lol. Last year I had sold out when he came so this year he was making sure he got them!  I had a new customer who bought some of them and before he left my yard he had opened them.  I heard him say "oh my God!" and then he turned to give me a thumbs up.  Awesome!  At the end of the day I only had one package of muffins left and one of date squares plus a few of the sugar cookies. They were an experiment this year as I haven't done them for the sale before.  I also sold 7 pieces of my pottery which I was happy with.

The baby shower cake is all done and I'll be heading out in an hour or so.  She liked one I had made before but wanted different colors.  I think I like this version better than the original.  I'll post both and you can let me know what you think.

kstevens Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:21pm
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Sugar cookies for my bake sale.



kstevens Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:22pm
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Baby shower cake for today.


Original version:


Marian64 Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:41pm
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@kstevens ‍ love the cookies. Glad your sale went well. The shower cakes are both adorable and clean. I think I like the colors of the original one better, but that is the really the only stand out differences.

Sorry the fireworks got cancel but safety over spectacular show first.

Amy_lwalling Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 1:46pm
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moreCakePlz Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 3:07pm
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@Marian64 have you seen the Insulated Cake Porter by Innovative Sugarworks?  It is an insulated bag and rigid plastic box that you can use to transport multi-tiered cakes.  I used it last week to transport a baby shower cake to work, and it worked great.  I put some extra ice packs in the box and after a 1-1/2 car ride and 2 hours sitting at my desk it was still cold. 

moreCakePlz Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 5:30pm
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Sorry,  Forgot to add the picture of the Cake Porter.


Marian64 Posted 26 Jun 2016 , 6:34pm
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@moreCakePlz ‍ thank you that is definitely worth checking into. I don't think it is my budget before the shower. (I bought some of those Russin tips to try out) I see it in my future.

Most of my cake are for family and friends at no charge. Since I found this site, and realized it is illegal to bake without a business I don't do many cakes for others. I don't bake enough to have a business and reading all the horror stories not sure I would want to. Besides my work isn't always up to a professional and I charge for what a professional would.  You would be surprised how many people say no. 

I love the sun flowers.

DormCat Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 2:07am
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I made my own flowers and added stems.  Since I made extra I am going to add a calyx and leaves to a few and see how they look.  Also the bride can always use those to make an arrangement to keep.  I plan to highlight  the white with turquoise but could use some suggestions for the turquoise 900_friday-night-cake-club-fo_97554257708a6dde853.jpg

Marian64 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 2:35am
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@DormCat those are pretty can't wait to see the cake.

julia1812 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 4:51am
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julia1812 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 4:56am
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Hey everyone. I made this Bugatti tyre for my friend's son's birthday. 

Was a chocolate cake (9") with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream icing and fondant. I hate making black fondant as it takes forever to "cure". In this case I ran out of time and decided to go with antrazite/grey as tyres once on a car are not pure black anyway. 

Love your work here. Gorgeous flowers and @kstevens cakes - perfect as usual!

We just got a new puppy so my focus is not on cakes at the moment and unfortunately CC seems a bit quite lately....but will try and keep looking at fncc at least.

Pastrybaglady Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 5:03am
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@julia1812 ‍ Super clean perfection as usual! 

@kstevens ‍ love everything! Your cookies look amazing.

hep275 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 6:45am
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Wow, lovely creations - i love the sunflowers.  the cookies are fab, as are the baby shower cakes and the peonies look wonderful - I've seen peony cutters advertised and was wondering about trying them.....that tyre cake is fantastic as well. No baking for me this week but this  coming weekend the animal shelter where my dog goes to day care is having an open day to 'celebrate' its 90th birthday so i will make something for that - possibly a chai sponge and some cupcakes to be topped with either chocolate paws or chocolate cats.  Helen


Jamie0915 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 1:38pm
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My second cake, these was for my son 9th birthday . Still learnin. ;) but it tasted great.900_friday-night-cake-club-fo_98530257712c5312317.jpgMy

kstevens Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 3:20pm
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@Marian64 ‍ I did a few simple improvements on the baby shower cake that might not be that obvious.  I left a band at the base of the second tier without the zebra stripes which allowed for the "ribbon" to lay flat.  On the original version the ribbon looks a little ripply due to the zebra stripes under it.  I also now have a diamond side design patchwork cutter which I used to imprint the quilt pattern which I think looks cleaner than free handing it.  It's al personal preference but I actually like the colors of the new one better.  I splurged some time ago and bought one of the cake porters that @moreCakePlz ‍ recommended and it's great!  I've transported cakes in it on hot days for an hour plus drive and they arrived looking just as they did when I loaded them in my truck.  They aren't cheap but I think worth it.

@DormCat ‍ your peonies turned out great :-) 

@julia1812 ‍ your tire is really well done. I like how you have depth to the rim.  Did you free hand the tread? Don't know that my work is perfect but I'll take the compliment. Lol

@Pastrybaglady ‍ thanks for the compliment :-) 

julia1812 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 3:40pm
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@kstevens yes it was all done free hand. The turn table helped a lot to keep the lines straight but I think I could improve it the tread. My main focus was the rim as the birthday boy is such a Bugatti fan...

Your work IS perfect. Love it! Watch out...soon people will tell you nobody ate your cake cause it was too pretty to be cut LOL

Marian64 Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 9:27pm
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@kstevens now that you pointed out all the differences I can see them. Your work is still amazingly well done. I will definitely invest in that cake porter. I do not run a business, but recently I took a cake to work that didn't survive the trip and if it was refrigerated it would at least stood a chance.

@julia1812 great tire.

@Jaime0915 i bet your son just loved the cake.

carolinecakes Posted 28 Jun 2016 , 2:31am
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This is such a lovely thread where you all are so supportive of each other, I posted once but I always follow the incredible work of all you talented people.

@DormCat your peonies are beautiful.

Regarding the calyx, since the back of the flower is not visible on the cake, most people just leave it out, but you can put them on your flowers.

Applying petal dusts and steaming really make your flowers pop, gives a more realistic look. If you look at real flower petals, they are not really one color but more variegated. How about a darker shade of blue to highlight the turquoise. Here's a link, her work is amazing, here she explains how to use petal dusts. HTH

I saw that insulated box on amazon, and wondered if it was any good. Thanks for sharing the info, putting on my wishlist.

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