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Webake2gether Posted 24 Jun 2016 , 9:04pm
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I came up with this idea to post a thread about confessions of a baker because I thought I can't be the only one who does silly things while baking and decorating and maybe some of you can relate. Please feel free to share your funny "confessions". I'll start by sharing two :)

my first one is if I've already washed my hands in my obsessive pre-baking ritual I will stand here doing the potty dance until I'm about to pee my pants just to avoid having to stop what I'm doing to go upstairs and use the restroom bc I know I'll have to wash my hands upstairs after I go to the bathroom and then do my prebaking ritual handwashing all over again.

 And my second one is I listen to oldies music and if a good song comes on I break out in a dance yeah I totally just rocked to  B-52s love shack LOL if there were cameras in my kitchen somebody somewhere would be dying of laughter because I don't think I have much rhythm :p 

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Jinkies Posted 24 Jun 2016 , 9:23pm
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Ooh Ooh, me next!  I totally do the bathroom dance too.  Why is it that as soon as you have your hands all scrubbed, you have to go to the bathroom or blow your nose??  Is it me?? every time.  And, yes, even though I wash my hands in the bathroom, I have to do it all over again in the kitchen.

Ok, confession #2, I have literally sat on the kitchen floor and cried over a cake.  Seriously...I'm so ashamed...hanging my head here.

Webake2gether Posted 24 Jun 2016 , 10:06pm
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I totally relate I've sat in the steps staring at it totally crying  feeling like the end of the world was upon us bc the cake was a disaster!!! about every 10-15 cakes we do lol.

cakedout Posted 24 Jun 2016 , 11:21pm
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Oh yeah- I totally know that potty dance!  LOL

OK, my other confession is this: during the years that I had my wedding cake business I became quite adept at identifying the difference between the potential client and the "looky Lucy" - I'm sure most of you can relate.  In fact, I began to give two types of cake consultations: "the whole enchilada" and the "10-cent tour".  LOL 

The initial phone contact (this was pre-email, folks LOL) was always the same, but by the end of our conversation I could tell if the bride was serious or 'just looking around' and would make a note of that on their appointment sheet.  My time was valuable, so by doing this I could save myself the 'hard sell' on someone who wasn't going to order anyway.  I had learned that the hard way early on in my business adventure - I remember several long and involved cake consultations only to discover that the bride eventually chose someone else- usually someone cheaper! 

jgifford Posted 24 Jun 2016 , 11:38pm
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When I first started my cottage cake business we had 1 cat who was terrified of plastic bags. Before I started my 45 minutes of cleaning so I could do cake stuff, I would rattle a plastic bag at him so he would disappear into the closet for the rest of the day.

I'm sure I traumatized him beyond all hope.

costumeczar Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 3:15am
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I crack eggs straight into the moving mixer, I eat raw cake batter, and I don't wear gloves for protection when I do isomalt. I'm not a good example for the children. worried.png

Pastrybaglady Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 5:14am
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That's so funny about the washing of the hands. I swear washing my hands makes me have to go to the bathroom!  I am the messiest baker ever. I'm not good at mise en place so I slop ingredients all over the place.

jgifford Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 5:30am
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My kids call me OCD because I'll get all my ingredients ou in their own spots and as I use them, they get put up.

BUT by the time my cake goes in the oven, my work area is pretty much clear.

costumeczar Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 1:30pm
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@jgifford ‍ I'm a clean-as-you-go person too, but the one time that I have to stop and get everything out of the sink is right before I start decorating. I can't decorate with a sink full of dirty dishes, I can't stand it.

Webake2gether Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 1:37pm
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I'm a clean as you go person as well and I'm sooooo funny about the dishes I wash them as I use them bc I hate standing and washing dishes I'm soooo spoiled with a home dishwasher that doing dishes by hand feels like a punishment lol. I am also very messy so I have a nice damp paper towel always ready to wipe up my million messes. I also eat raw cookie dough and and lick the spoon with batter on it (when I bake for us not for customers of course).

I have another confession when I'm feeling lousy or anxious about a cake we've done mostly it didn't turn out like we had envisioned it and we are disappointed nothing really wrong about it just fell flat for us kind of thing I go to cake wrecks and then I feel all better about the cake!!! That's awful I'm a horrible person I know :p

Webake2gether Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 1:53pm
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I wish we could edit our posts :(

i also want to add that we've come dangerously close to having our own cake wreck I soooo wish I had a picture of what happened but we did a cake one night went down the next morning and it was like something was trying to burst its way out of the cake!!! A huge air bubble formed and cracked the buttercream it was unreal so my very smart husband un-iced (if that's even a word lol) and he iced it again and made it a rustic cake!!! Worked out perfect customer never knew a single thing and we've never had that happen since. Soooo we are not immune from cake wrecks haha my husband just saved the day like always :) 

Jinkies Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 1:58pm
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Am I the only one who cannot ganache a cake without looking like I fell into the chocolate river at Willy Wonka's  factory?  Please tell me no.....

jgifford Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 3:17pm
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I have to be very careful with chocolate anything because if I get one drop on myself it will spread like the plague until it's on everything!  I told my husband one day it's worse than having a bloody nose.

Webake2gether Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 8:33pm
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Oh my I'm like that with anything chocolate batter,buttercream, ganache it doesn't matter it gets everywhere. I got chocolate buttercream all over the place had to wash my garbage can lid went all down the front of the can thankfully I have tall bags so it was contained to the side of the bag it got everywhere but the garbage lol. And red velvet batter never fails it looks like a crime scene not a kitchen!! So glad we're not alone :)

jgifford Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 9:12pm
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I know exactly what you mean.

I dropped a red velvet cake ~ both layers ~ right after taking them out of the pans. They were still hot so when they hit the floor, they exploded! 

It was a horrific crime scene. Took forever to get all those little crumbs up from every corner of the room.

costumeczar Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 10:35pm
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@Webake2gether ‍  I turned someone in to Cake Wrecks, so you looking at it isn't bad, hahahahaha! stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes.png

Pastrybaglady Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 10:51pm
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Hey, I turned MYSELF into Cake Wrecks not too long ago - still haven't heard back... @Webake2gether ‍ Let me know if you ever see my golf man on the sea of fruit cocktail!

kakeladi Posted 25 Jun 2016 , 11:07pm
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.........I crack eggs straight into the moving mixer, I eat raw cake batter, and I don't wear gloves..........                                       ...........I'm a clean-as-you-go person....................

Aaahhh YES :)  All of the above ^^^

The clean as you go really started when I lived in the RV & continued when I moved into a tiny apt.  It goes for any & all cooking/baking.

Webake2gether Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 7:24pm
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I've not been on cake wrecks in quite awhile but I will definitely let you know if I see it!! i barely have time to get on cake central anymore :( lately I've gotten on when I really should be working im sure everyone could confess that lol!!! 

Oh and @cakedout ‍ I love the whole enchilada or 10 cent tour!!! I sooo do that too!! I can tell when they call or email me whether they will order or not too!! Here are the top signs that clearly say I'm not ordering:

• Let me talk to my husband- never to be heard from again

•Me asking them what their budget is and they respond with "reasonable". reasonable translates into cheap and once I send the quote or tell them our starting cost per serving its crickets lol

•when the person badgers me to death with how much will this cost with zero details outside of a reference picture  and all I'm  trying to do is figure what flavor of cake they want and for what date lol they just want immediate price they never order 

Ive learned that the more urgent or rushed someone makes the order or process the less likely they are to order. They haven't likely planned for the cake which means they probably don't want to pay  a whole lot for the cake. Occasionally it is truly an unexpected event or they just heard about us type of thing but usually it's a lack of planning followed by the reality of yes good cake cost that much lol. 

Also anyone can feel free to post and hijack this thread into another topic of conversation I really don't mind we can liven this place up a bit :)

kstevens Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 8:30pm
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I tried a new marble cake recipe and even though I greased and floured the pans, the cake stuck.  I was so annoyed with how the cakes looked once I got them out of the pans that I took my fist and smashed them in to the cooling racks.  It felt good until I realized what a mess it was to clean up, cake bits everywhere, and that I had to bake new cakes!  Guess maybe I have anger issues or has anyone else been guilty of smashing a cake that they were unhappy with?

Pastrybaglady Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 8:54pm
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Bet they made great cake pops!

Webake2gether Posted 27 Jun 2016 , 11:14pm
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Hey quick question we are having our van done with window graphics tomorrow and of course I want to highlight it on our website and fb page bc we are delivery based. I want to say something that is catchy or name it something when I post it you know what I mean? Our business slogan is "Making Sweet things happen" any suggestions welcome!!! 

jgifford Posted 28 Jun 2016 , 12:33am
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"Delivering Sweet Things " ?

carolinecakes Posted 28 Jun 2016 , 1:57am
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I must have a clean kitchen before I begin to work, so the night before a project I make sure its spotless. Heaven help the person who leaves that dirty coffee mug in my clean sink. ( not proud of that)  Also clean as I go, by the time I'm finished, everything is back where it belongs and all the dishes are clean. 

I love making gum paste flowers, more than baking, if someone or something could bake and ice them for me to decorate, I'd be in heaven.

A collection is growing in my home, I cannot bear to toss the figures I make for the grand-kids cakes, they love them too. So we now convert them into Christmas Ornaments. Also there are random gum paste flowers in a vase on my night stand.

" Sweet Things Coming Your Way"  ?

Webake2gether Posted 28 Jun 2016 , 7:14pm
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I ended up doing 

...Making sweet deliveries happen... 

Im sooo creative lol just changed things to deliveries :)

kstevens Posted 28 Jun 2016 , 9:22pm
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@carolinecakes ‍ you sound like a friend of mine, she loves making flowers but doesn't enjoy baking (cakes).  She keeps saying that she and I need to go in to business together as I enjoy baking.  If I was independently wealthy it might be worth a shot but alas I need my regular full time job to pay the bills. Lol

docofthedead Posted 1 Jul 2016 , 11:39pm
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Quote by @Pastrybaglady on 6 days ago

Hey, I turned MYSELF into Cake Wrecks not too long ago - still haven't heard back... @Webake2gether ‍ Let me know if you ever see my golf man on the sea of fruit cocktail!


I recall seeing your golf man cake.  I can't remember if I saw it here or on CW.  Did you post it here before?

Pastrybaglady Posted 1 Jul 2016 , 11:42pm
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@docofthedead ‍ Yes, it was on CC. I would think CW would tell you if they were going to use something you submitted, but maybe not.

docofthedead Posted 1 Jul 2016 , 11:44pm
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Quote by @costumeczar on 6 days ago

I crack eggs straight into the moving mixer, I eat raw cake batter, and I don't wear gloves for protection when I do isomalt. I'm not a good example for the children. worried.png

Not to sound ignorant, but are eggs not to be broken into a moving mixer? I have never heard that before.

I am guilty of eating raw cake batter and sometimes cookie dough if it isn't chocolaate

docofthedead Posted 1 Jul 2016 , 11:57pm
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Quote by @Pastrybaglady on 13 minutes ago

@docofthedead ‍ Yes, it was on CC. I would think CW would tell you if they were going to use something you submitted, but maybe not.

I think you are probably right.  I am fairly confident I saw it here because I recall your explination of what happened with the customer (although I don't recall the deatils now)

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