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ZabielskiG Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 1:32pm
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I'm making a Tangled theme cake. I've already started the tower out of rkt for the topper. The cake will be 6" 8" and 10" covered in BC. I'm nervous now that I won't get the tower stable on the cake. Any suggestions? It'll be 4 different rkt shapes and I plan to Royal ice them together when I'm done. Here's what it looks like so far. 900_help-large-rkt-topper_94875157581e865cd05.jpg

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-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 12:49am
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help me clear up my understanding here --

so you want the tower in the picture to sit on top of a three tier cake that itself will be about 12" tall? do I have that right?

and I'm not clear on the "four different rkt shapes I plan to royal ice them when I'm done" so are these four shapes in the picture or are there more coming?

so help me out and I'll have some ideas for you :)

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 12:57am
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Yes!! My husband measured it before the roof and it was a foot tall, now that I've done the roof, I'll guess it's about 5 inches tall

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 1:02am
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Wow my message didn't send! So the whole tower is probably 17 inches tall. It's in 4 pieces, the long tower, the base of the house, the house and then the roof. I just planned on using royal icing to glue them together. Here is the finished product of the topper. 900_help-large-rkt-topper_9487515758c015adf98.jpg

carolinecakes Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 1:43am
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Its a cute topper, nice work,now if my calculations are correct, its taller than your cake (3 tiers = 12"-15" H)

I usually use skewers to attach my  own toppers, here I would use a a long slim dowel, inserted at least 2/3 of the way into the topper with enough excess to insert into the cake. I would also insert 2 dowels/straws into the top tier, where the topper will sit. I'm even thinking the dowel inside the topper should go right through the entire cake. Definitely attach the topper on site, if travelling with the cake. HTH

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 1:52am
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dang that's cute -- I think I'd just make some cupcakes and call it a day smile.png jk jk sorta --

I mean you're gonna be over a yard in height more of a jack n the beanstalk no? :)

do you have to have a three tier? 

can you get to mary carter and buy some acrylic? like this:

this ^^^ is the plate that comes in different sizes then there are different length columns -- just look around there on that  site for the columns -- I'm on a tablet and it's wonky to navigate to find the column link -- 

so whatever you do you need a platform to display the tower on -- I would suggest going with a one tier cake and a short platform out of foam -- like maybe a 14" layer cake

are you transporting this somewhere?

i hope I don't have too many typos -- this tablet is a pia to navigate with -- the cursor jumps around -- has a mind of its own -- that makes one of us -- ha!

carolinecakes Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:01am
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In hind sight and this is not a criticism I would do something like this out of styro foam - a tube for tower, a round for the house and a cone for the roof. The height and weight of the topper, on top of  3 tiers..........kwim

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:05am
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Totally agreed! Caroline, my first thought was to do styrofoam! I got a bit carried away. The cake is for a friend who is a new widow, her youngest daughter turns 4 and I've just had my mind set on trying to ensure she enjoyed her birthday despite what the family has gone through lately. 

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:06am
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K8, yes! I was just at Mary Carter on Monday and I'll have my husband swing by on his way home tomorrow, he still works in the city. And yes, haha I ought to make tons of cupcakes decorated like a field of flowers with the tower in the middle of them all

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:21am
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cool! you're serious about the cupcakes? they would be wonderful the way you described them --

if you do go for the cupcakesyou don't really need the plates & pillar -- hey a nice fat can of bush's beans would be a good support platform forbthe tower and just put a little cloth or something over it or pretty paper -- make it look like the tower sits on a hill --

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:23am
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and so sweet of you to provide such a sweet and beautiful creation for these folks -- you're the best

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:25am
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Yeah I think I'm serious, actually. Not a bad idea AT ALL!! I could do a 2 tier cake for the baby girl to blow out candles and all that jazz and have cupcakes too and there goes the display for the tower!! That's definitely a weight off of my shoulders! Haha

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:27am
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high five!

carolinecakes Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:38am
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You didn't get carried away, your heart is in the right place. Its a really wonderful thing you are doing. Your tower is a show piece, cup cakes or 2 tiers either way it will be beautiful. Give us a peek when you finish it.

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 9:20am
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about the gluing -- I would put up to 3 bamboo skewers in each join along with the royal icing but I would used white chocolate -- actually I'd use store brand almond bark or whatever they're calling it usually 'candy' something -- I think all the grocery stores sell a vegetable oil 'chocolate' --

I'd sink the skewers down a couple inches --- and then set the next piece onto another couple inches -- depending on how you're gonna deliver this you could assemble on site --

and I don't remember where I got them but you can get these extra long tooth picks that would be perfect for this application

this is already a very beautiful thing and I can't wait for pictures

'two tier for baby girl' do you mean an individual little mini cakelette -- I'd do basically a two layer mini -- one 3" layer and a smaller layer on top -- each layer 1" to 1 1/2" tall each -- each layer is a 'tier'

ann wright Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 11:13am
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Lots of luck!  Your tower looks great!  I suggest melted chocolate instead of royal icing for gluing.  Pop it in the freezer or fridge a couple moments and once it's set it's set!   Ive actually had royal soften up sometimes.  

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 12:21pm
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ive got chocolate so I'll use that instead! 

ZabielskiG Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 12:22pm
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K8, by two tier, I meant an 8" and 10". It's going to be a pretty big party. I am setting it u on site though, the party is actually in Nesbit so I've got a little road trip to take! 

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 2:40pm
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oh oh oh -- yeah nesbit is quite a drive from where you are -- i love memphis it's kinda big city small city -- so convenient to everything -- our rush hour looks like some cities 4am traffic -- hahahaha

best to you

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