Fondant Ooze!

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Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 5:38am
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Why is my fondant oozing clear sticky liquid? Made cakes for years and have never seen this! It's a plain sponge cake, coated in jam, no buttercream, then ready to roll fondant. I shall try to upload a picture to show what I mean

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Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 9:45am
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costumeczar Posted 27 May 2016 , 1:39pm
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I have no idea what I'm looking at in that picture...could you explain what's what in it?

Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 1:52pm
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The clear liquid oozing from the top of the cake, it's all pooling ontop of the red onion 

640Cake Posted 27 May 2016 , 2:01pm
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What's the onion made out of?  Or is this not the only spot that is oozing?

Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 2:51pm
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It's not the only place that's oozing it's made from flower paste then then cake which has been covered in jam then fondant is sitting on top of it

Jinkies Posted 27 May 2016 , 3:34pm
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Maybe the jam is oozing or melting and oozing?  Taste the ooze and see if it is jam or fondant.

Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 3:36pm
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It's definitely the fondant as it's clear 

Jinkies Posted 27 May 2016 , 3:57pm
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Never had fondant ooze before, very odd.  Is it hot and humid where you are?  That's all I can think of.

I would dust it up with some powdered sugar and get in the fridge to chill.

Jinkies Posted 27 May 2016 , 3:59pm
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Just thinking....maybe the liquid in the jam is breaking down the fondant.  I would definitely chill that sucker.

Clairelouljclfp Posted 27 May 2016 , 4:14pm
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Thanks for your help, it's not warm or humid here in the UK! Haha!

I'll try the fridge and hope it stops! 

kakeladi Posted 27 May 2016 , 6:01pm
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I tend to agree that the jam somehow has something to do with it.  Let us know if friging helps it.

Aarathy Posted 29 May 2016 , 2:01pm
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Could it be the glue you used to stick the decorations? Did you use Tylose?

Perhaps use a brush to gently wipe it off??

LeahMichelle Posted 31 May 2016 , 11:12pm
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Hi, l late and don't have an answer lol!! BUT just wanted to let you know you're not alone in this crazy situation!! My cake did this this weekend, strangest thing was, it was on open book cake and only the right side made the weird gooze! I scrapped it off with a plastic spatula, spread some corn starch on it and let it sit for about an hour. Brushed it off and it was fine, but I have no idea what caused it.

Magda_MI Posted 1 Jun 2016 , 4:56am
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I've also had this happen once with a cake, for no obvious reason, and no jam, syrup, fruit, etc. was involved.  It was just cake covered and filled with american buttercream and then Satin Ice fondant, painted to look like wood grain with gel food color.  Clear sticky liquid oozed out from the bottom edge of the fondant, and from a seam in the fondant. mainly at one end of the cake.  I just kept wiping it off, but never did figure out what exactly caused it.  Seemed like the fondant or buttercream was breaking down somehow into a sugar syrup.

Clairelouljclfp Posted 1 Jun 2016 , 5:46am
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Thanks for your replies everyone! It's all eaten now! Haha! I can only put it down to the jam having a reaction with the fondant in places where it was not exposed to the air, as the bottom 'bun' part of the burger had turned to a sloppy spreadable consistency where it was sat on the board! No morI jam coating for my cakes! 

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