Should Hi-Ratio Shortening Be Substituted 1:1 In Your Favorite Recipe?

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FrostedMoon Posted 19 May 2016 , 11:58am
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I recently bought hi-ratio and want to use it in my favorite 50/50 butter to shortening recipe.  I know there are specific hi-ratio recipes out there, but not looking to try those right now.  Do I use the hi-ratio at a 1:1 for my usual shortening?  I've read in some places that it is 1:1, others recommend using 2/3 hi-ratio for every 1 cup regular shortening in the recipe.


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FrostedMoon Posted 19 May 2016 , 5:39pm
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Anyone?  Bueller?

If it helps, I usually use 3 cups of butter & 3 cups of shortening to 4.5lb confectioner's sugar.

MimiFix Posted 19 May 2016 , 10:45pm
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Sorry, I can't answer your question. However, when I experiment, I make the smallest batch size possible.

MBalaska Posted 19 May 2016 , 10:47pm
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@FrostedMoon ‍ When I was using hi-ratio shortening I converted my all butter recipe to 1/2 butter plus 1/2 hi-ratio shortening.  It gave me such a smooth lovely piping-spreadable icing.  I loved it!  However It got very expensive to purchase and pay for shipping to Alaska online.  So I've been making mostly my own version of all butter SMBC and hardly making AMBC at all.

Some people use all 100% hi-ratio shortening and have success with their cakes & icings. So give it a go and see what you like best.  Good Luck.

SensationalCakesAndMore Posted 19 May 2016 , 10:50pm
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I use high-ratio shortening and swap it one for one by weight for Crisco, no problem. The brand I use now is Alpine Z (Alpine's new zero-trans shortening), although I liked the the texture and taste of the regular Alpine with trans fats better. (Irrelevant - it won't be available, by law, in a year or so!) The problem I found with the zero-trans high-ratio shortenings is that they tend to lend a yellow cast; the Alpine Z has been the best. HTH.

FrostedMoon Posted 21 May 2016 , 1:11pm
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Thank you!

I ended up making my usual ratio with a 2/3 cup to 1 ratio and I think I like it.  Soooo much better than when I just used all butter in my normal 50/50 recipe.  Now I get why people say other buttercreams are too sweet but my usual 50/50 recipe isn't.   

SensationalCakesAndMore Posted 21 May 2016 , 2:25pm
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@FrostedMoon, glad it worked out! Can you clarify - your recipe uses 6 cups fat (or roughly 3 pounds) + 4.5 pounds sugar. I'm hoping that with the hi-ratio shortening you don't have a greasy mouthfeel - is that true? I'd love to cut my sugar back a bit - my recipe calls for 2 pounds HR shortening + 4 pounds sugar, so the ratio of fat to shortening is 1:2 where yours is 2:3. LOVE LOVE LOVE using shortening in my icing - it's so much easier to work with and, amazingly, my customers seem to prefer it to my old butter recipe!

FrostedMoon Posted 22 May 2016 , 7:22pm
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I've made  a few batches since I posted.  I played with the recipe a bit and what I am most happy with ended up to be 2 cups hi ratio shortening plus + 3 cups butter to 4lb sugar.  I reducing my sugar to 4lbs.  I also ended up increasing the amount of milk I added to make it the right consistency.    Seems the hi ratio doesn't take as much sugar as regular shortening.  NO greasy mouth feel, VERY smooth & easy to work with!  I do whip the shortening for quite a while before adding the butter or anything else, so I think this helps reduce the greasy mouth feel and improves the consistency.  My 7 year old is my taste tester and he told me the all butter recipe needed to be 1% less sweet, but this recipe got a PERFECT rating!  :)

Hope that helps!

SensationalCakesAndMore Posted 23 May 2016 , 12:05am
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Thanks much! Will give it a try.

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