What Would You Charge For A Cake This Size?

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sweettreat101 Posted 16 May 2016 , 7:52pm
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The cake in the picture is a 8" square cut into four pieces stacked.  Would you use a dowel down the center I'm afraid of it falling when the lady transports it home. I'm contemplating between using the 8" square or using a 10" square. I'm afraid that if I go bigger it's going to not look as good as the one pictured. She used MMF to cover and paint the picture on the cake board. Would it be okay to use any fondant or do I need to stick with MMF? My experience with fondant as one you get it wet it gets really sticky not sure if the addition of the marshmallows helps slow the water absorption when painting. Thank you.

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Jinkies Posted 16 May 2016 , 8:16pm
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A 10" would be fine. It will give you a 5" square cake.  I would put supports in anything over 6" tall.  If it goes 8", you'll want to put a cardboard and dowels after 4".  It will make it easier for the client to cut the cake that way as well.

You can use any fondant.

Jinkies Posted 16 May 2016 , 8:18pm
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Just to add: the bigger you make the square, the taller you'll want the cake so as to avoid the squat look :)

sweettreat101 Posted 16 May 2016 , 8:29pm
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Would you dowel down the middle?

Bakerlady2 Posted 16 May 2016 , 8:42pm
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Yes, I certainly would, so it doesn't fall over or the top layers slide off, especially if its traveling.

-K8memphis Posted 16 May 2016 , 10:04pm
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the dowel down the middle and/or the ones place on each corner should be firmly planted into foam built into the base under the bottom board -- in fact for a cake this tiny i use skinny straws cut the height of the bottom tier -- then i slide bamboo skewers into the straws which go through to the foam underneath the cake and back up through the board up through the top tier to help keep it all secure -- with minimal displacement of cake

-K8memphis Posted 16 May 2016 , 10:06pm
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oh and i'd charge about $300 -- my pricing is kind of old though but that's a sculpture so kaching kaching

-K8memphis Posted 16 May 2016 , 10:07pm
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but is that a copyright snafu? so whatever if it was a regular phone booth $300 or more

sweettreat101 Posted 17 May 2016 , 7:39am
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I purchased the frosting sheets signs online so I'm not to worried about copyrights. The cake is for a friend so I'm only charging for materials and 25.00 to cover my gas for driving around to pick up the items needed. I was told if you don't make anything then it is okay it's when you make a profit on something then it counts. I needed the distraction so I was happy to take on the challenge.

sweettreat101 Posted 17 May 2016 , 7:40am
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Sorry I was just curious on how much something this small would cost from a professional baker.

-K8memphis Posted 17 May 2016 , 1:02pm
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a lot -- it's not about size -- it's expertise -- it's easy for that to fall over

copyright is copyright no matter the path you take so if it was me, i would not display the cake online -- it don't know how voracious that owner is about their property and maybe you bought from their source idk

best to you

kakeladi Posted 17 May 2016 , 1:32pm
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.......I was told if you don't make anything then it is okay it's when you make a profit on something then it counts.........

Who told you that?  Because it's wrong.  When ANY monies change hands it is considered 'selling'.  In fact, even bartering (exchanging goods, labor etc) is considered 'selling' by the government/copyright laws.

sweettreat101 Posted 17 May 2016 , 3:51pm
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Thank you for the info im not concerned about a phone booth with a couple of signs. The cake decorator has a tutorial online for the last three years with pictures and she's had no problems. You know how many pictures of Disney cakes  I see online or how about the ninja turtle cake    pictured on cake central yesterday. 

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