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tachita5005 Posted 22 Jul 2004 , 3:57am
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hi, icon_lol.gif
i am new to this forum, and while looking at the pictures, the cupcake cake caught my attention. Does anyone know how to do it? Do you have to level all the cupcakes? What about the holes in between cupcakes? If anyone knows the secrets please let me know, i think this is an excellent solution to kids birthdays.


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Jackie Posted 22 Jul 2004 , 5:44am
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Originally Posted by tachita5005

hi, icon_lol.gif
i am new to this forum, and while looking at the pictures, the cupcake cake caught my attention. Does anyone know how to do it? Do you have to level all the cupcakes? What about the holes in between cupcakes? If anyone knows the secrets please let me know, i think this is an excellent solution to kids birthdays.

I use a very technical and specific tequnique, you may want to write this down: It's called... drum roll please .... "The glob it and smooth it" icon_lol.gif
LOL! icon_biggrin.gif Try not to over think it. Cupcakes come right out of the pan, and after cooling, Just start globbing the icing. then smoothing it out. It takes a second to get in a groove, becuase at first the cupcakes want to scoot around. But it goes pretty fast. I am sure there are more people out there with some more specific instructions. But that, at least is what works for me.

Kiddiekakes Posted 22 Jul 2004 , 3:27pm
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Hi There,
Jackie is right!! To help the cupcakes from moving around you can glue each one down with a bit of icing.Smooth the entire top and creat a border.Try and arrange the cupcakes so that you have an unusal shape.You then make a transfer from either piping gel or a frozen buttercream transfer which is listed in the articel section by Calidawn!! The only drawback is the cupcakes are fairly hard to seperate when each child grabs one...the icing just doesn't pull apart easily especially with a frozen buttercream transfer. Happy Baking!!


southerncake Posted 22 Jul 2004 , 4:13pm
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I am new to this board. Where can I find this "cupcake cake?"

Thanks in advance!

Jackie Posted 22 Jul 2004 , 4:49pm
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Hi SouthernCake!
and welcome to

A good example of a cupcake cake is in cali4dawn's Buttercream transfer Article:

Zabrip Posted 3 Aug 2004 , 6:53pm
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You can also bake the cupcakes together in a pan instead of placing them individualy in the muffin pans. If you want your end product to be round, place all of the containers in a round pan fill them and let it bake together. This will minimize the holes inbetween the cakes and will be alot easier to ice. When you are ready to serve pull the cakes up and then out and it should separete nicely.

Good luck.

leily Posted 5 Aug 2004 , 1:09pm
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Well it's finally here, my official first post although i've been using all of you for great information. haha! icon_biggrin.gif I finally have something worth contributing. I love doing cupcake cakes, you can say they have become sort of a passion. I love creating new ones on request for customers, and my family loves challenging me. So I hope this helps.

Under Uncategorized:Othercakes I have posted a picture of one of the Spongebob cupcake cakes I did for my Neice who is a HUGE spongebob fan (she had two different parties) The one shown is with 24 ct cupcakes but I beleive the other one I did with 34 cupcakes (I drew on the arms/feet/legs on these extra ones for a larger cake)

This one was a huge hit since each cupcake was decorated individually and was much easier for serving. For the background I just did a very light layer of icing, which also served as "Glue" so my cupcakes didn't move around.

I currently only have 4 cupcake cake pictures on my computer *trying to find a working scanner to get the rest* But if you would like me to post the other ones I did for my family please let me know. I have an M&M, a cross which was a hit at easter and for a baptism, and an easter basket.

If you have any questions please let me know.


leily Posted 5 Aug 2004 , 1:22pm
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Oh I forgot to answer another one of your quesitons.

1)Leveling: I don't worry about leveling my cupcakes unless they are all very high *i only seem to have this problem with white cupcakes* If they are iced individually like this i don't worry about it at all b/c you can't tell. But if I smooth out the top I just make sure they are all about the same height

2)Holes: When I iced the cupcakes individually smooth I ice them all then just fill in the little holes with extra icing. If I would fill the holes before I ice the tops then I would end up with more icing between the cupcakes and a bigger mess when they are taken apart. But you can do it before also. When icing them smooth I use the icer tip *I personnaly could not live without this tip, it helps me tremendously* Then as I smooth the icing if it gets pushed down into the holes I go back through and just add a little bit ontop and smooth it out again.

3)Secrets: Well i'm not sure if these are considered secrets but these are a couple of things that help me. I always "glue" my cupcakes down with a little dot of icing and let sit for about 5-10 mins to "set" This helps me so if I nudge one it doesn't move and I dont' have to figure out where it goes again. I also 90% of the time have a picture or figure sitting in front of me of what I want it to look like. Example:For the spongebob one I posted I borrowed my neices Stuffed Spongebob, it gave me a 3d version to work with so if it didn't turn out from the front I had other options to work with, whether he was sitting, standing, etc.... It also gave me colors to match. One last thing. I always lay out my cupcakes in the shape before I start decorating.

Well I hope I didn't confuse you, and that this actually helped you icon_smile.gif Any more questions please let me know.


GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 22 Aug 2004 , 2:17am
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For an added surprise, fill your cupcakes! MMMM- great deal!


You don't have to place a transfer on your CCCs. Place them together and ice and decorate as you wish. I've made many without transfers.

Someone also mentioned they are great for kids. Well, don't blow off the adult parties. I make these often and send to the Police department my partner works for. They don't have time or the means to eat a slice of cake. But they can always grab a cupcake and run out the door. Make a CCC anytime standing around slicing, plates and forks are impractical. I've even had them ordered for Wedding Rehearsal Dinners and as a groom's cake. They can be very nicely done. Here is the link to a Rehearsal Dinner cake I did. If you click to look at the next picture, it is a close up of the cake):

Salsa Rehearsal Dinner Cake

Another person mentioned kids having a hard time lifting them with a transfer. Simply remove the transfer before serving. It comes off very easily and usually stays in one piece. Then you can leave it sitting next to the cake for the duration of the party for everyone's viewing pleasure.

The easiest way to lift the cakes without a mess: lift straight up and then away. Kids learn this quick when you show them just once. No mess what-so-ever. We tend to want to pull it away from the cake. Nope. Lift straight up then away

That's all I can think of now. Don't forget your shapes.

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