Daughter's Wedding Cake

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Tamibooboo Posted 10 May 2016 , 3:11am
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I wanted to make my daughter her wedding cake for her reception.  I have seen the cakes with the small gaps between each layer (floating) I have never made one like this and am not sure which support system to go with.  I used to own a bakery and have made many wedding cakes using the plates with columns and tiers that were stacked with hidden columns.  The cakes I have seen that I am referring to look as though they have one support in the middle?  Any advise would be appreciated.



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costumeczar Posted 10 May 2016 , 11:47am
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Wilton makes a cake stand with a single pole up the center, so that could be what you're looking for. https://www.michaels.com/10184306.html

Tamibooboo Posted 10 May 2016 , 11:54am
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Thank you, I will check it out.  Have you used it before?  I am terrified about the support it will provide.

megletCA Posted 10 May 2016 , 8:03pm
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It seems to me that with the weight of each tier, a single pole is not stable enough. Also whomever cuts the cake is apt to move it into position for cutting and it might tip the weight. I'm not a professional like you but I did a four tier wedding cake for my son and it came out beautifully. (I took various lessons for six months before I did it.) I was very nervous about it the week  before the wedding when there is so much going on. You are a great Mom to do this!

costumeczar Posted 10 May 2016 , 9:25pm
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They've been making that stand since the '70's and it works fine. If there was a problem with falling cakes it would have been pulled off the market by now. When I was in culinary school we rigged up something like it, thinking that we were so new and original. Then we saw the Wilton catalog from 1973 or whenever it was an we were like "oh well..."

megletCA Posted 10 May 2016 , 9:30pm
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Thanks for the info from a professional. Very intriguing. As I said, I'm no professional at this, just a person who likes to bake.

megletCA Posted 10 May 2016 , 9:53pm
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This is off topic but since a professional is weighing in, I have a real wish for ideas for lovely, elegant cakes that are simpler and don't take so many hours to decorate. I'm often asked to provide the cake for various events for friends and family, not wedding cakes, but sometimes two tiers for an anniversary or really special birthday (I just did one for a 99th.) I'm a professional in another field so my time is limited. I often use real organic flowers and nice and varied buttercream borders with perhaps a delicious filling in the cake. I keep some small drop flowers in the house so I can combine natural and icing flowers and piped leaves. Very rarely I've made flowers and they've worked beautifully but they take more time than I have. I wish someone would provide more examples and more suggestions for this kind of thing. I have books of borders and simple flowers. Are there any other ways to find this kind of thing? I want every morsel to be delicious so I tend to use buttercream rather than fondant.

costumeczar Posted 11 May 2016 , 2:31am
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Honestly, if you want a simple to decorate cake that non-decorators will love, do a rustic buttercream icing. People love the way it looks because it's more appetizing-looking, and not as formal. You can decorate a rustic cake with some simple flowers and make a very nice presentation without having to spend a lot of time fussing with it. You could do swirls or horizontal or vertical stripes using a spatula to change it up, but there are a lot of textures that you can do using buttercream that are interesting and don't require a lot of obsessive smoothing and trying to get everything perfect. Those are things that decorators notice but nobody else really cares about ;) When I do cake consults it's always the rustic cakes that people stop and look at and say "ooh, that looks delicious!"

Tamibooboo Posted 11 May 2016 , 2:41am
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Thank you for the comments...Most of my Bakery customers wanted a three tiered stacked cake and yes most of them were rustic!  I have seen the stands and wondered how they worked, The reception is June 18th so I figured I would play around with some ideas that I have not done before and  make it "beautiful" for my only daughter. LOL!

Tamibooboo Posted 11 May 2016 , 2:48am
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megletCA, fortunately my daughter is having a very small intimate family wedding on my family's farm on May 21 with a cookout afterward.  She is 33 and didn't want the formality  of a formal wedding.  She is dropping elopement announcements and invitations in the mail 2 nights before she is getting married, by the time everyone invited to the reception gets their invite she will be married.  The reception will be almost a month later on June 18th.  Thank God I don't have to do it all in one day!stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes.png

Tamibooboo Posted 11 May 2016 , 2:52am
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costumeczar, thank you for your help.  It never hurts to ask and it definitely helps when someone has more experience than I do.

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