Hi Ratio Shortening

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Mrz.cherrri Posted 10 May 2016 , 2:07am
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Hi all,

So i know shortening has been discussed many times before, but I havent seen any posting within the last year.  I recently had to make buttercream frosting and I don't know if it was the butter so what but when i used shortening and butter it didnt taste as good to me (others liked it), and when I used all butter it was okay to frost the cake but not so good for piping.  Does anyone know where I can order a good Hi ratio shortening and what brand is good.  I like in New York so any idea for somewhere in NY or online would help.


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MBalaska Posted 10 May 2016 , 2:28am
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Hi @Mrz.cherrri ‍  When I discovered HR shortening and started using it in my American buttercream it made a great icing.  It was smooth, with a nice non-greasy mouthfeel, and I could add lot's of extract or liquids.  It is not something sold locally and the cost with the shipping is way too expensive for me.  If I could pick it up at a local store I'd use it all the time.  Good luck in your search.

rdjr Posted 10 May 2016 , 3:35am
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I haven't tried this yet but crazycoolcakes on YouTube uses regular shortening. Not vegetable shortening. Apparently, the fat content helps the icing stay together. I'm giving it a try this week to see how it works out for me!

carolinecakes Posted 10 May 2016 , 4:05am
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Hi @Mrz.cherrri ‍ I am in the NY area also and I order SWEETEX from Global Sugar Art. Unfortunately they do not ship the sweetex after April 30. I think the shipping period is October - April. I have only used Sweetex and I love it. There are other brands such as Alpine and CK.  Are you near Manhattan, there is a place called NY Cake (56W 22 ST Manhattan) that sells CK Hi Ratio Shortening 3lbs $19.00, their online prices are cheaper,


I also order supplies online from Fondant Source, http://www.fondantsource.com/hirash.html, they carry several different brands.

Amazon also carries several different brands. I am  hobby baker so I order the 12lb size Sweetex and so far GSA is the only place that sells in that small quantity. Other places carry the 50lb size Sweetex. HTH

joeyww12000 Posted 10 May 2016 , 8:27am
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I use the shortening for baking and frying from Walmart. I heard this from Krazycool cakes on YouTube as well. No greasy mouth feel like crisco gives. They use meringue powder in one of the recipes but I don't use it. I also use half butter half shortening. 

Nana52 Posted 10 May 2016 , 12:23pm
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I use Pssst Brand shortening from Kroger.  I believe it's the same as the Walmart brand.  Like joey, I usually use half butter and half shortening.  

ropalma Posted 10 May 2016 , 12:56pm
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Will the buttercream with the baking and frying shortening crust?  Does anyone know...

joeyww12000 Posted 10 May 2016 , 2:04pm
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It does crust

carolinecakes Posted 10 May 2016 , 2:39pm
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@ropalma ‍ Yes, she says its a crusting buttercream.

@joeyww12000 ‍ the walmart brand has 0 trans fats, is that the one you use? I would like to try it and see how the taste compares to the sweetex. But I read somewhere, on CC  I think, that you should not use shortening with 0 trans fat.

Great Value:  Shortening, 42 oz

Mrz.cherrri Posted 10 May 2016 , 4:53pm
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Thanks everyone for your input.

I had a shortening from Walmart not the one for baking and frying and i personally didnt like the taste and to me the texture looked greasy.  Im going to look for the shortening for baking and frying.

@Carolinascakes i was looking online and the sweetex at Amazon was like 150 but i think. 50lbs. I definitely dont need that much and I've never tried it soi wouldnt buy that size. I seen the alpine and Ck brand on amazon for roughly 21/22 dollars. Not sure if thats a g9od price or not

carolinecakes Posted 10 May 2016 , 6:43pm
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Yes that's a good price especially if you have amazon prime shipping. You  missed the sale on GSA, in March they had the 12lb Sweetex for $36.00.  That amount lasts me all year.  I will say you will not regret buying the Sweetex, your buttercream will taste fantastic, holds up well.  Its very hard to find in small quantities, GSA is the only place I have found that carries the 12lb. I have heard good things about the Alpine and CK brand.  In October I would recommend you check out GSA, once you try HI Ratio Shortening, you will not use anything else. If you do the math, the price per lb of the sweetex is cheaper than what you can buy on amazon, but right now that's your best deal.

carolinecakes Posted 10 May 2016 , 6:50pm
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Hey just found this and if you are a first time subscriber to their email you get 15% discount.


misscupcakeface Posted 10 May 2016 , 6:55pm
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Fondant Source carries high ratio shortening.  You can get CK products brand, 3 lbs for 11.99. http://www.fondantsource.com/hirash.html

Mrz.cherrri Posted 10 May 2016 , 6:56pm
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Thanks i was looking at the walmart one and even tho its cheap dint want to waste money or have the shortening sitting there.  I thibk im going to get either the Alpine or Cks. 

I see  a couple of other non popular brands people say are good but I think ill go with you're suggestions.  


carolinecakes Posted 10 May 2016 , 7:33pm
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I love Fondant Source and you can get a coupon code on Retailmenot.........I think they have the best prices......so of course popular items sell out....and their delivery is fast.

FrostedMoon Posted 18 May 2016 , 3:48pm
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I just got my first 3lb tub of hi-ratio shortening from Amazon today!  I used to buy the store brand, but they recently discontinued it and all I can find is shortening with no trans fats.  When you switch from store brand to hi-ratio, do you reduce the shortening amount in the recipe or use it 1:1?  I've seen posts that say to use 2/3 cup of hi ratio for every cup of regular shortening, and others that say to use it 1:1.  I typically do a 1/2 shortening 1/2 butter ABC.  I know the recommendation is usually to make a small batch and give it a try to see what tastes best, but  I have allergies that prevent me from taste testing on my own and I struggle to get enough of a detailed description from my taste testers.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 18 May 2016 , 5:45pm
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Do you have a Gordon's Food Service store in your area?  Most carry it in store, but if not you can special order it and have it in a few days and they don't charge you any more for it.  If no GFS in your area, maybe another type of insitutional supply might be around that you could check with.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 18 May 2016 , 5:47pm
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Problem with Fondant Source is they charge $18 shipping for an $11.99 tub of shortening.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 18 May 2016 , 5:49pm
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If you look closely at the Wal Mart baking and frying shortening...it's a blend of animal fat (basically lard) and vegetable fats....I personally just don't like the idea of the animal fat in my icing.

misscupcakeface Posted 18 May 2016 , 5:56pm
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You're going to pay shipping for anything you buy online.  That's why you purchase multiple things from one seller, so as to justify shipping costs. 

carolinecakes Posted 18 May 2016 , 6:07pm
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I hate to pay for shipping, so I order once or twice a year. This is my hobby not a business, and I always look for coupon codes and you can get anywhere from 10% - 20% off your order. Don't get me started on Amazon, even with free prime shipping, some caking stuff is so way over priced. Wish I had GFS near me.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 18 May 2016 , 6:50pm
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True...but I can source most of what I need locally, so that wouldn't be a good deal for me.  I can get Hi Ratio at GFS so it's not shipping charge for me.

Retha1 Posted 3 Jul 2016 , 4:26pm
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I don't know what is meant by hi ratio shortening. if someone can just tell me what to look for on the label it would probably help. 

I Googled hi ratio shortening and walmart brand came up. is it?

Magda_MI Posted 4 Jul 2016 , 3:11am
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I wouldn't want to use shortening with animal fat for my icing, since people who avoid eating meat wouldn't expect it to be there.

I've been using store brand vegetable shortening that still has trans fat, but it's getting harder and harder to find.

carolinecakes Posted 4 Jul 2016 , 1:45pm
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@Retha1 ‍ this link explains........


It will say " Hi- Ratio Shortening". I have used Sweetex and CK brands and have excellent results, I do not use crisco. HTH

stampingchrisd_91 Posted 4 Jul 2016 , 5:17pm
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If you have a Cash aND Carry in your area they sell Sweetex. 50lbs for around $75.

mahtc2016 Posted 4 Jul 2016 , 6:07pm
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Alpine is a  high ratio shortening , very good to use in buttercream icing . I buy it at

restaurant supply store in a 50#lb box.

FrostedMoon Posted 5 Jul 2016 , 1:59pm
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I live outside of Boston and have had such a hard time finding somewhere to get hi ratio shortening!  The supply stores that carry it near me don't do cash & carry.  I'm willing to drive a decent distance (hour or more).  I've also ordered online, but a lot of stores won't ship in the summer and I found out why.  I purchased a 50lb box on amazon & once it was damaged reported as undeliverable & the second time it was delivered & dumped in my driveway with a falling apart box, puncture marks that went in to the shortening, and the plastic bag the shortening was in wasn't even secured closed!  Anyone close by able to offer a location for purchase?

Cupcakegirl2005 Posted 13 Jul 2016 , 5:01pm
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I took her advice an use Walmart shortening not vegetable and my buttercream turned out better smooth with no grit 

Yomomma Posted 15 Jul 2016 , 1:37pm
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What is the shelf-life on the high-ratio shortening?

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