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Sarahk466 Posted 30 Apr 2016 , 2:39am
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 What can I do to stop my sugar lace from breaking when taking it out as a very fine Lace mat. I have tried different sugarless recipes and have tried putting a second coat on but it still tears when I take it out it is a very fine lace Matt not very deep in  depth.

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carolinecakes Posted 30 Apr 2016 , 11:22pm
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I am new to sugar lace myself, I have looked at tutorials on YouTube, they always turn the mat upside down and peel the mat off the sugar lace, heres a link......

Also you might want to repost this under decorating or sugar work  and write your question in the title section. Might generate more responses.

Sarahk466 Posted 1 May 2016 , 3:46pm
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I alway turn the mat upside down too.I make a lot of laces and they come out beautiful, no problems but these mats are very thin so you can't get a lot of product in the groves even recoating 3 times it tears coming out. I do flip the mats upside down.

carolinecakes Posted 1 May 2016 , 4:53pm
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Sorry I wish I could be of more help...........

Sarahk466 Posted 1 May 2016 , 8:41pm
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 It's quite frustrating  when all other laces come out so very nice . Thanks for the help .

810whitechoc Posted 2 May 2016 , 1:33am
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Is it the mat?  Is it a mat from a reputable company?  I know what you mean about the depth of the pattern they are only millimetres deep so if you are only having trouble with this one and removing the lace correctly ie laying it upside down and peeling the mat off the lace, it could be the mat. As you say you make a lot of laces, eliminate all other possibilities, make up a fresh batch, try again and if it is still happening I would contact the company and see if you are the only one having these problems.

Sarahk466 Posted 3 May 2016 , 12:51am
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Yea I think it is the mat. I have tried different recipes and used sugar vail and double coated them and it doesn't came out without breaking. The sugar vail was really bad. I am going to try one more recipe tomorrow and see what happens. They are very pretty mats I'm so disappointed. All my other laces come out beautiful.  I think the imprint of the patten is just not deep enough. Thanks

cakebaby2 Posted 3 May 2016 , 3:16am
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Definitely the mat, I have lovely Cakelace ones which never fail....then I bought a real delicate beauty, looked like spider silk on the ad. I could just see it tying a bouquet of gumpaste roses on the top of a cake. Utterly useless, no depth at all. it was cheap, from e-bay and I had to wait 3 weeks for it to come from China.

Sadly we get what we pay for, back to Cakelace lol

Sarahk466 Posted 3 May 2016 , 1:21pm
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Yep!!! That's exactly what it is! But it wasn't cheap either. I have 2 beautiful mats that do that!! And they show the finished product and it's beautiful! Some from Amazon come from China. They both will get a poor review!!! Thanks it's so frustrating 

carolinecakes Posted 3 May 2016 , 6:31pm
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Sorry If I'm hj-iacking this thread, I am on amazon looking at lace mats, trying to decide which mat to get. Do you guys recommend any particular brand over the other. There are some pretty ones by Crystal Candy, are they good?

Sarahk466 Posted 3 May 2016 , 7:42pm
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I got five minutes from I got  5 mats from Amazon one came  directly from China I ordered another one exactly the same from China that  Mat worked beautifully.  Both worked great I don't know where the other ones came from but they had the treads and work great also . The two I ordered directly from China are beautiful but very thin treads . I ordered eight other from China they all worked beautifully just the two that are very thin depth for the pattern do not work the rest are all fine.  I am actually going to try another recipe today to see how it comes out . I'll let you know

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