Tie Die Cake Turns Brown

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Zsani261 Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 2:15pm
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i searched through the forums but I can't find anything would help me 

I am baking a tie die rainbow cake well I have already taken out of the oven 

it's a recipe one of the youtubers use to make her tie die cake 

looks beautiful 

but mine ( I have done everything as she did in her video ) turned absolutely brown 

i used gel colours 

Then I used my vanilla cake recipe and it is better but still some browning there so it's not vibrant 

please share your tips with me gecause I am so frustrated I consider myself a good baker this is the first in my life I failed lol 

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leah_s Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 4:23pm
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It's brown on the inside?

Zsani261 Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 4:47pm
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So the first one is inside and outside brown some colours I can see but very dark 

recipe I used 

3 cups flour 

2 and 1/2 cups sugar 

3 tsp bicarbonate

2 cups milk 

1 cup oil 


4 tsp apple cider vinegar 

6 colours ( pink orange yellow green blue purple ) 

this cake turned Brown

i did bake this with no colouring added looks like a chocolate cake lol 

theb I just made my vanilla cake I usually bake that's a lot better in colours but still some browning where the yellow should be

strange but I don't think the first recipe is any good  

SweetNeddy Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 5:23pm
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Can you show a picture of both cakes - the demo and yours?

Are you swirling several colors together? If you're just using colored batter (no white), it's important to be very light handed - don't go crazy with the swirling. If you were to  mix several colors of food coloring together  - red, blue, green, yellow... etc - you'd wind up with a dark, grayish brown. 

SweetNeddy Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 5:26pm
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To clarify - are you swirling different colors of batter together in the pan?

costumeczar Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 6:51pm
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There's a lot of acid in that recipe from the cider vinegar, and that could be making the food colors change.

kakeladi Posted 27 Apr 2016 , 9:45pm
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yeah I agree w/costumeczar.  I bet that's what changed the color.     Also what sweetneddy said.

Zsani261 Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 12:41am
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Yes lots of acid but I tried it anyway as the girls cake turned out beautiful

and my second try with a different recipe was much better result but still not perfect 

so I just followed the instructions of the girl one tablespoon of each colour and place it on top of each other and so it created a ring of each colour not sure how to explain it 

i will attach a picture 

I think you guys are right this method does sort of mix up too much the colours so what method do you guys do ? So the colours aren't mixing too much ? X thanks so much 

jgifford Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 12:56am
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That's a lot of liquid for one cake. If your batter is thin it will tend to mix together as well.

I usualy mix everything except the milk or water or whatever, then add just enough of that to get the consistency I want. I rarely use as much as the recipe calls for.

kakeladi Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 1:16am
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As for mixing multiple colors once you drop the color into batter, just run a fork through the batter once or twice in one direction then repeat in another direction.  That;s all that is needed.  Not sure I understand you're saying about placing the colors on top of each other.  I think I would make a single layer of each color, not all colors together.  Goodness, it's hard to explain in words ;)

SweetNeddy Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 1:30am
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The method you're describing is typically used when making a "zebra" pattern - but using only a tablespoon of batter isn't enough. It's probably spreading very thin and the different colored batters are bleeding into each other. Try with 1/4 cup of  each of the batters. Or... leave some batter white and use in between the colored layers - it will act as a buffer and let each color show.

Pastrybaglady Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 3:34am
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Is the gel color you're using appropriate for baking or is it for icing? Not all color can handle heat.

Zsani261 Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 4:46am
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Ok so it won't let me attach a picture 

but I haven't seen a gel colour that's better with heat ?? 

I am in Australia 

off topic 

is this thing always going to check if I am a robot or human ??? Lol 

funniest thing ever 

Pastrybaglady Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 5:09am
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Americolor bakes well. 

It must be discouraging to always have your humanity questioned!

Zsani261 Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 8:36am
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So what none of you get this are you a robot thing ? ??? You making me scared lol 

Zsani261 Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 8:37am
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Thanks yes I think it's the method I put it in 

1/4 cup sounds good 

may be colours won't mix up like that 

costumeczar Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 11:45am
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Quote by @Zsani261 on 3 hours ago

So what none of you get this are you a robot thing ? ??? You making me scared lol 

I think they put that in for people who are new to the forum because there were so many spammers on here for a while. One you've posted a certain number of times it will probably go away...If it doesn't you can click the help button at the top of the page and let them know it's still questioning your reality.

-K8memphis Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 12:54pm
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yes and i mean i've gotten a time or two and i've been on here for a while -- it is a little off putting but if you ever saw the spam wars.... yoiks -- 

-K8memphis Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 12:55pm
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^^^ in regard to the robot thing

Zsani261 Posted 28 Apr 2016 , 1:19pm
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Lol thanks lovely makes sense though it's just weird I am new yes 

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