Help....buttercream Fur Fell Off My Cake

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carolinecakes Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 5:04am
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Please tell me what I did wrong. I made this cake my granddaughter's birthday. It's all buttercream, did the fur the night before, the cake was too big to fit in the fridge so I kept it on the table overnight. All seemed ok, next morning. But when we were taking it to school ( 5min drive),  the fur started to fall off. Why did this happen? I used a crusting BC. 

Here it is before we left the house


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carolinecakes Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 5:19am
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Here you can see t fur has fallen off in places.


julia1812 Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 5:50am
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Since you used crusting buttercream my guess is that the blue buttercream on the monster had (partially) crusted before you piped on the fur.  So the fur just sort of stuck to itself and not to the cake. Once it got moved it fell off. Or you didn't bring the für close enough to the cake in some spots so it just rested on itself.

Sorry that happened. ..what a sweet cake!

cakebaby2 Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 7:58am
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^^^^^^ this, but don't forget the little gremlins surrounding that lovely cake and grinning in the pic?

I took a Superhero Deadly Volcano cake to my grandson's party and arranged it on the table surrounded by other treats.

The table was covered in a nice white cloth.

A cloth which was so long at the front it concealed the little gremlins taking handfuls from the back of it!

It was a two tier chocolate cake.......with a huge "bat cave" at the back of it. Lucky it didn't fall down.

Can you imagine those little gremlins in that class seeing the cake, and NOT having a crafty swipe at a little dab of buttercream?

kayra850 Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 1:27pm
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I understand that you are unhappy, but your cake is lovely even do with the fur fell off. Maybe you had to spread little water on the buttercream crust so the fur will stick on it.

carolinecakes Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 3:16pm
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Thank you all  for your kind comments. I wanted to leave the cake in the car and just serve the cupcakes, but my daughter said it was fine. Well with every step I took fur kept falling of, and I'm stressing  and then we entered the class room........the kids, my granddaughter see the cake and they are soooo excited. All they see is the cake, aren't kids great........I finally breathe and enjoy the moment. Everyone enjoyed eating the cake, and I learned a valuable lesson from those kids. My granddaughter can't stop thanking me for making her cake.

You're funny my case the fur was falling off long before I got to the little gremlins. Their excited faces made my day.

The fur took me a long time to pipe, so maybe I should not use a crusting buttercream, second granddaughter is eyeing a Teddy Bear Cake, so I need to nail this.

costumeczar Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 3:29pm
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Yeah, sometimes the crusting buttercream will just dry out, especially if it's left out at room temp. Especially if it's an all-crisco recipe. I'd make sure to store in the fridge, or if you have to leave it out put it in a  box that you can tape up with a little glass of water or a bunch of wet paper towels inside to keep it hydrated. But the fridge is  your best bet.

cakebaby2 Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 3:36pm
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Hmmmm okay the gremlins got off this time.....but watch them! They look cute but...? It was a lovely cake, you'll rock the teddy now x

carolinecakes Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 4:25pm
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@ costumeczar yes I use all sweetex, and always keep my cakes in the fridge but it could not fit .  I don't know why I didn't think to box it up, I box them up for the drive, will have to try your idea, or toss all the food outta the fridge next time for my precious cake. My family knows, when grandma is cake making there is no BJs shopping .......need to send that memo againgrin.png

@cakebaby2  lol  Oh yeah I'm  gonna keep an eye on them.......those 2yr old gremlins are notorious cake-nappers.

-K8memphis Posted 14 Apr 2016 , 5:08pm
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caroline -- you can toss the fridge contents into an ice chest if necessary -- cleaning out the fridge after midnight is part of the job description hahaha -- such a cute cake -- 

CraftyKat Posted 11 Jul 2016 , 2:31pm
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Tootie224 Posted 11 Jul 2016 , 2:41pm
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What an adorable cake!  What a good gramma! And kids are so forgiving.  I think the other posts are correct, the buttercream dried out and didn't stick.  The crumb coat can't be crusted over, either; or you have to stick the decorating tip into the crumb coat.  Right on about the refrigeration.  Boxing the cake and putting in the fridge will help with the moisture.   Good idea about the paper towels.  Never thought of that.

carolinecakes Posted 11 Jul 2016 , 4:31pm
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@Tootie224 Thank you for your kind comments. I have learned so much from this experience........I can even laugh about now.

Poor Sully looks like he was in cat fight.... lol

fathima_sl Posted 11 Jul 2016 , 8:44pm
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Hey Caroline, I've made a ALOT of buttercream fur cakes (AKA buttercream TEDDY) :D so just thought of sharing somehting I learned and what worked for me

-in your image, the crumb coat looks very thick. Crumb coat should be a bit thinner; just covering the cake. Cuz a thick crumb coat + long fur will create a long distance from the cake itself. Even the tiniest vibration can be felt when the length/ distance is more, that makes the fur fall ....physics :P LOL

-crumb coat buttercream should be thinner in consistency BUT should be a crusting buttercream. That allows longer time for the crumbcoat to dry and gives u time to pipe all the fur

-dont let your "fur buttercream" crust while you apply the crumb coat. If it does crust, add some cream and whip it again on high before piping. You will have to whip it several times while piping process 

-Press your grass tip on the crumb coat, pipe and pull. This Will ensure the fur sticks to the crumb coat.

thaaaats an adorable cake!!!! ^_^ and I almost typed a novel ....

teddy I made for my nephew ^_^ they didn't cut it for FOUR DAYS. Cuz they didn't want To hurt him :D :D900_helpbuttercream-fur-f_9804085784051b0eeda.jpgLOL... forgive me

carolinecakes Posted 11 Jul 2016 , 9:40pm
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Hey Fathima cute teddy........thank you for the all helps.......fondant is more my medium. This year I'm learning/practicing piping BC. Ole Sully was my first furry guy but definitely not my last, since most of my cakes are for kids.

kayra850 Posted 12 Jul 2016 , 7:41am
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@fathima_sl ‍ waooo what a nice teddy

-K8memphis Posted 12 Jul 2016 , 10:21am
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 fathima, yes beautifully done bear cake -- nice fluffy furbear.png 

fathima_sl Posted 12 Jul 2016 , 6:44pm
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Aaawwwww thankyou *blush* 

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