Cake Experts I Would Love Your Help With This Design

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bakingwife Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 1:14am
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Hi everyone! I have an upcoming wedding cake using this design and I can't figure out if this pattern was stenciled or piped on? The cake will be for 150 guests and I would need to decorate 4 tiers with this design. I also lack a steady hand for piping900_cake-experts-i-would-love_987323570afa90c4fa2.png

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ypierce82 Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 2:49am
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It looks piped. It doesn't lay flat to the cake....and it says piping at the bottom lol

bakingwife Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 3:30pm
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Thanks for the reply! yes it looks piped on what I meant was if the design in the middle tier was stenciled and then piped over it? It looks like a stencil design to me at least but wanted to ask since there is always something to learngrin.png

Also if anyone has any tips on keeping a steady hand to pipe evenly? I'm planning on using some sort of template would this work?  This will be the most piping I'll do on a 4 tier cake and I'm a bit nervous!

ypierce82 Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 4:04pm
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There's no way to know if it was stenciled on first, but that would be one way to do it! I am no good at free hand piping, so I may use that tip for myself. The only advice I can give you is to make sure that your icing isn't too stiff, and take breaks to rest your hand and wrists. I try to steady my elbow on the edg of the table and use my left hand to guide my right hand, if that makes sense. 

bakingwife Posted 12 Apr 2016 , 3:25pm
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Thanks for that tip ypierce82 I'll definitely try that out! I was hoping someone has seen that pattern as a stencil online. I've looked but there is so many stencils it gets overwhelming!

Spoke to the bride yesterday turns out she wants whipped cream and strawberries as her filling for all 4 tiers! I let her know it may not be possible and will look into it. I was planning on using royal icing then painting silver over it to get the design originally but if it has to be refrigerated that could be a disaster. Would buttercream work? White chocolate? Any advice would really help TIA!

kakeladi Posted 12 Apr 2016 , 4:24pm
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I have worked mostly in b'cream and this certainly would work.  Use tip 1 or 2 and have the icing thin so it does not hurt your hand to pipe it out.  Using white choco you would need to keep several small piping bags ready on a heating pad to keep the choco fluid, switching often as it starts to set up. probably could do it off cake.  Using the size pan you baked tier in or a styro dummy, place pattern around the side, cover w/plastic wrap and pipe away.  Carefully peel away from plastic wrap and place on cake.  The pieces will be fragile but should be able to handle them

ypierce82 Posted 12 Apr 2016 , 4:34pm
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You're welcome! It definitely makes the job easier. You are correct about the royal. It does not do well in the fridge and then pulled out to si, moisture will kill it. You could do it on buttercream, but you need to make sure that it is cold and you'll have to paint fast. I have never tried painting modeling chocolate, but I don't see why it wouldn't work!

ImaneDaher Posted 12 Apr 2016 , 5:59pm
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I think they used a stencil from evil Cake genius site. They are great stencils.

bakingwife Posted 13 Apr 2016 , 2:20am
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Kakeladi what type of buttercream would work for painting with silver luster dust? I've only worked with SMBC/IMBC and haven't tried painting on it, not sure it would work?? I'll have to experiment with white chocolate to see how it would behave, I'll be worried it'll break on me! Thanks for the site ImaneDaher! They have great stencils but did not see the design I need. Thanks for the tips guys keep them coming

kakeladi Posted 13 Apr 2016 , 3:39am
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I always used ABC - o ne that crusts well

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