I Am Trying To Start A Giveaway On Our Site For Cake Designers To Win Cash Prizes. How To Promote It?

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nycbirthdaycake Posted 10 Apr 2016 , 9:04pm
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Hello, we have setup on a contest on our website. The idea is anyone can submit a picture of a cake they made and the public and their friends can vote on it. It doesn't have to be a stunning perfect cake, it can be anything, the votes will determine the winner. 

So far the prize pool is 30 for first, 20 for second and we will give our 5 dollars to random submissions so everyone has a chance to win something. 

I have promoted it on fb groups, fb, twitter, ig , reddit and our website but i am not getting many submissions.  

We really would like to grow it and have larger prize pools. 

Can anyone suggest some ways that I can promote this giveaway?

Also if you could, submit a cake picture to the contest ! =)

Here is the link http://nycbirthdaycakes.com/nyc-birthday-cakes-cake-contestgiveaway/

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cakebaby2 Posted 10 Apr 2016 , 9:15pm
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The gallery pics look nice, but I'm not sure clicking your link is wise. No offence but this is your first post and this site can end up crawling with bugs by clicking random links.

Maybe best to check you out on Google first?

cakebaby2 Posted 10 Apr 2016 , 9:24pm
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Ok girls..I googled for you, its a genuine site lol!

I think you're probably doing the right thing using FB. A lot of folk here do have FB pages, but not really for selling on, most have their own websites?

costumeczar Posted 10 Apr 2016 , 9:52pm
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You should just keep promoting it, sometimes posts aren't seen by very many people because of facebook's algorithm, so post about it at least once a day on your own business page. If it's open to everyone including non-professionals make that clear, too. 

cakebaby2 Posted 10 Apr 2016 , 10:04pm
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I cant see how a business would want to plug other professional businesses...or am I missing something?

Webake2gether Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 12:25am
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My guess is that most people don't want to do the work involved in posting a picture then voting etc. people want fast and easy. I seen on here before a similar enter a picture contest giveaway and they didn't have  hardly any submissions either. Also like costumeczar said fb limits the reach in hopes you'll pay to boost  the post. 

cakebaby2 Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 12:50am
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I cant see the value in the bakers of perfect cakes posting?

I can see schoolkids, people with  basic skills doing it and then a spike of site traffic as they try to get friends and family to vote for them, but would these people be buying?

Good luck with it. Not many people left on here to take up the offer though

nycbirthdaycake Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 12:50am
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Thank you for your responses guys. Lol, we are a legit company in NYC. I just thought it would be something cool to do. I have spent all day trying to promote it and I only got 2 real submissions. I filled up the gallery with some random pictures so it didnt look empty.

I have promoted it on all social media channels but the posts arent getting enough upvotes and likes to bring meaningful traffic.

I think you are right webake2gether, people just don't want to be bother. I might have to save up and make the prizes more meaning full.

thank you for your comment costumeczar, i guess I will put amateur cake contest. I really do not want to single out anyone. It would be fun if i could get something going.

nycbirthdaycake Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 12:52am
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@cakebaby, I rather have people posting some random simple cakes. I think it would be fun. I am not trying to sell anything to the visitors, I just wanted to get a little forum going

MimiFix Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 12:42pm
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Think about why you are doing this monetary giveaway. As discussed previously, this promotion is aimed at cake designers who are not your target market. Perhaps consider letting this giveaway end quietly and move on to your goal.

If you do another one, think about your goal (increase business, right?). Who is your target market? Think about ways to change the focus/appeal to bring in new customers. 

Can your area support the kind of business you have? How many bakeries (retail, home-based, legal, illegal) are nearby? If your market is saturated, think about offering more than just birthday cakes.

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