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stephsweetreats Posted 19 Mar 2016 , 1:24am
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Hey everyone! Does anyone have any tips on making this cake?  I have someone interested in it for a wedding this year.  They only want to do two tiers though.  From what I can tell it almost looks like it starts like a ruffle flower and then turns into individual petals.

My concerns are: getting everything to stay put for transport.  I'm one of the paranoid people who likes to assemble on site, even though I use SPS.  With this cake I clearly can't assemble on site so transporting something that look so delicate makes me very nervous!  Anyone ever made anything similar and have tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance.

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carolinecakes Posted 19 Mar 2016 , 2:35am
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I am by no means an expert, but here's my 2 cents. Why not make those petals and dry them on cake dummies exactly where you will place them on your cake. This way those delicate gumpaste petals and flower aren't jiggling all the way to the reception. You can arrange the flower and petals on sight. It might help to take a pic of the petals  arrangement on cake dummies as an aid when you are arranging them onsite on the cakes. HTH

costumeczar Posted 19 Mar 2016 , 12:27pm
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That cake is super simple to assemble, here's a video I made for customers since I sell the flowers in my shop: 

The center flower goes into the cake (I make them on toothpicks so you can stick it right in there) then you put the other petals in around it. The one in the video was going to be transported assembled like it is, and I put the top tier on when I got to the reception. It's easy to transport these as long as they're cold when you're moving them. Nothing will move around, and if something does fall off you can just put it right back on the cake with a little icing.

hep275 Posted 19 Mar 2016 , 4:13pm
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brilliant video - are the petals edible or will they be too hard to eat?

stephsweetreats Posted 20 Mar 2016 , 10:58pm
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@costumeczar ‍ thank you so much for sharing the amazing video!  That helps me so much.  The bride only wants a two tier cake, so for the petals do you think I should just decrease them by 1/2-3/4 quantity wise?

Also, are the petals completely dry? Or do I want them somewhat pliable when I go to place them so they can conform still?  Thanks again!

sweetchariot Posted 22 Mar 2016 , 6:27pm
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Great video! Thanks

nadiacorallo Posted 24 Mar 2016 , 12:37am
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Hey, this tutorial might be helpful to  you.

Creativeconfectioner Posted 27 Mar 2016 , 8:06pm
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This may also help...

Creativeconfectioner Posted 27 Mar 2016 , 8:06pm
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This may also help...

costumeczar Posted 27 Mar 2016 , 9:08pm
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Ah, sorry, I haven't been getting notifications about responses. The petals that I used were completely dry, it's better to use dry ones or they look kind of floppy. If they don't conform to the shape of the cake you can turn the petal around so that the curved side fits up against the edge of the tier. It isn't very noticeable when you do it, but it makes the petals fit on the cake better. Here's a photo pf another one I did, and I've circled where the petals that were turned around were. I can tell by looking carefully that the curve is going toward the cake, not away from it like most of the petals, but they still blend in.

For a two-tiered cake you'll need the center flower plus about 10-12 each of four sizes of petals. I use a rose petal cutter set with the first size being the same as the outer layer of petals on the center flower, and the other three sizes just getting bigger. The largest one is actually a round biscuit cutter that I pinched on one side to make it a rose petal shape, so it's pretty big.


stephsweetreats Posted 28 Mar 2016 , 3:37pm
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Thanks so much everyone!  And thank you for the additional info @costumeczar ‍ ; super helpful and appreciated!

jessicake Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 2:07am
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I've done this cake a few times and I assemble on site.  I pack my petals separated by size so I can easily work from smaller to larger.  I find that the petals are kind of heavy ( least mine are!) and it works best when I glue them on with melted Candy Melts.  So it's helpful if you have access to a microwave.  

I actually think you would be safe to transport a 2-tier cake pre-assembled if you don't have to far to go.  


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