I 'heart' Staying Logged In...

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-K8memphis Posted 12 Mar 2016 , 1:53pm
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are you staying logged in all the time now? i am and i love it --

thanks jackie!

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Rohini Posted 12 Mar 2016 , 2:22pm
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Yes, me too!! :) And as K8memphis says...thank you, Jackie!

veghed Posted 12 Mar 2016 , 10:51pm
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I thought it was just me.

Regardless, I'm glad that particular bug was worked out.

810whitechoc Posted 14 Mar 2016 , 11:49am
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Me too!  I thought it was just me, so glad I don't have to log in every time.  I'm posting this simply because I didn't have to log in - again.

SweetShop5 Posted 14 Mar 2016 , 1:24pm
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Yes, it's great!

cakebaby2 Posted 5 Apr 2016 , 9:24am
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I'm hoping I will be too. Its taken me 10 months to get back on without glitches. Of course I kept lurking and reading all of the great hints and tips. How do doing K8, nice to see some old faces still here x

-K8memphis Posted 5 Apr 2016 , 10:28am
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hey cakebaby --  great to see you too -- i don't know -- this place gets in your bloodstream and there's no looking back huh -- 10 months is a long time to persevere! and thankfully there's a real productive helpful vibe on the board too -- refreshing place to be for sure  -- warm welcome back

cakebaby2 Posted 5 Apr 2016 , 2:11pm
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@K8 Why thank you ma'am (my best Tennessee accent there). Yes looks ..and sounds a lot different Hmmmm?

I declare..(Cat on a Hot Tin Roof voice) it's kinda quiet and civilized lol!

How's your wee munchkin doggie I missed his wee face xx

enga Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 12:46am
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LOL at you guys, it's changed so much I hardly recognize it.

-K8memphis Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 4:18pm
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enga -- nice to see you!

yes it has and let me tell you it is like 10,000% better now too since march of 2015 -- the metamorphosis has been crazy -- jackie has worked long and hard muscle.pngand i think it's a stunning work clap.png

and cakebaby2 -- my pup is well -- thank you dog2.png

Jackie Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 4:48pm
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Thank you so much!!! This thread made my day!

I was just up for 24 hours straight fixing a bug with the homepage and how image thumbnails in the gallery are generated (it's fixed BTW!

.... and then I spilled coffee on my keyboard.  Needless to say, my day was not starting out so hot. So thank you for making my day!

It's always great to hear when things are working, and CC users are getting a better experience.  I have some SUPER exiting new features rolling out over the next few months, and I think you all will be very happy!

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-K8memphis Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 5:15pm
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body slamming bugs for 24 hours (leaps tall buildings in a single bound...) geez then i mean the coffee in the keyboard is a problem but the real issue is you have to get up and get a new cuppa when you were all set to sip away -- oh the cruel agony -- hahaha -- but just a giant purple_heart.pngTHANK YOU purple_heart.png it's wonderful here

enga Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 10:56pm
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You too K8, also nice to know that you are well and still a part of CC and thank you too Jackie for all your hard work!

enga Posted 8 Jun 2016 , 10:58pm
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Ooops sorry that didn't post in the right place.

-K8memphis Posted 9 Jun 2016 , 11:27am
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yes you posted in the right place, you're good :)

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