Friday Night Cake Club For 3/4/16

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catlharper Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 3:40am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC!  ALL levels of cakers are welcome to share their week, photos of their work,ask for help or provide help if possible!


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catlharper Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 3:43am
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This week has gone by insanely fast! While I had baking plans they fell by the wayside and nothing got made...maybe next week...LOL! Hope everyone has had a great week and there are lots of photos when I check back later!


Magda_MI Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 6:35am
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Finished this cake today, for tomorrow.  Copy of a portable dance floor used at a medieval/renaissance recreation event annually as the floor of a tent.  Floorboards are fondant plaques colored with food color/non-toxic markers.  Bandshell and benches are also dried fondant.  Took forever to do all the floor patterns, which are copies of boards in the actual floor, but I'm very pleased with it.  Cake was carved to mimic the slope of the floor, which is quite noticeable when dancing.

Many of those who will see and eat this cake tomorrow have helped paint and/or assemble the actual floor, and nearly all have danced on it.


More pics including close ups here:

shdvl Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 7:47am
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I agree Cat, the week went fast. I had planned on making candy clay roses. Got as far as 4 batches of candy clay. Finalized birthday party plans for my youngest including his cake. He want a replica of the pool at the aquatic center where his party will be in May which including the water slide and kids on innertubes. Got pictures and some scale figured out. Now to figure out structure supports.

TheKitchenEmpress Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 8:36am
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Pastrybaglady Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 8:57am
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@Magda_MI ‍ that is so crazy intricate, amazing job!900_friday-night-cake-club-fo_92508456da9f829a0c8.jpg


This was a neighborhood cake for a man who does many nice things for everyone around him.  All his neighbors conspired to surprise him for his birthday.  Sounds like a nice place to live!

Magda_MI Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 12:17pm
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Thanks Pastrybaglady!

SweetShop5 Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 12:43pm
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@Magda_MI ‍ Wow, such a beautiful and detailed cake. Great job!

@Pastrybaglady ‍ Fantastic job as usual! I have to ask, how do you get your buttercream so smooth? I just can't seem to get it for some reason.

Here's everything I made for yesterday, it was a bit stressful between cakes and school but I love the pressure!

Another Star Wars BB8 cake, seems to be quite popular.


48 Paw Patrol sugar cookies for a birthday party:


Purple cake pops with clear sanding sugar for a bridal shower. I love the look of these, they sparkle so much!


Simple sugar cookies with the bride and grooms' initials for the same bridal shower:


MsLiaJ Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 5:22pm
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Hi FNCC!! I just literally finished this cake before coming to work this morning! Here's my topper:) She's cute but I... was looking at here like hmm, she's missing something...LASHES! lol


And without further adieu the cake! I hope you enjoy!!


MsLiaJ Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 5:44pm
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@Magda_MI ‍ That floor is AMAZING! I could just imagine how long it took to hand paint each tile.

@SweetShop5 ‍ Your work always has me in awe. Do you use a cookie cutter for the Star Wars font? If so, may I ask where you bought it from? I use cookie cutter kingdom and jb cookie cutters, but I haven't seen that font.

@Pastrybaglady ‍  awesome sn:) I love your neighborhood!! That's going to be a great surprise for that gentleman!

Pastrybaglady Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 6:29pm
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@SweetShop5 ‍ I use SMBC and I do take time to patch holes, stick it in the fridge and then scrape it down again a few times depending on how much air bubbles are in my icing.  I find that having really soft butter helps alleviate bubbles but it's hard to achieve that perfectly in colder weather.

I am a huge fan of your super clean work and absolutely cannot wait until I see you on TV on Cake Wars or something one day! You must let me know when that happens :D. Your BB8 is perfection.

@MsLiaJ ‍ very cute bear!

Pastrybaglady Posted 5 Mar 2016 , 11:59pm
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This is a simple cake for a ladie's book club reading, The Nightingale, a story set in France.


-K8memphis Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 2:21am
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oh, i loved that book 'the nightingale' nice cake

MsLiaJ Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 5:37pm
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Hi FNCC Friends!

Quick question, is there an adult portion of Cake Central. I ask this because when posting in my gallery I added the pictures of cakes I've done which includes the one "exotic" cake I shared last week and one I did months ago. Well...i didn't know it posted on the sites gallery O_o The person that reported it said it should be on the adult site. Is there such a thing? Or did she mean An adult site...I definitely don't want to go around offending people, I just want to post my work and get constructive criticism.

Thank you for your help!

catlharper Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 7:02pm
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Good morning everyone! Thanks to an incredible rain storm that hit our area (and my cable box) I had no internet there for here's me catching up.

@Magda_MI ‍ Wow! That's SO much work! So much detail...simply awesome. I bet you had people just staring at it trying to take it all in!

@shdvl ‍ I've only make the candy once and while I loved it, it didn't seem to be a hit with anyone else. What is the response you get to it?

@Pastrybaglady ‍ I love your "hide and seek" cake! SO cute!

@SweetShop5 ‍ As much as I love your BB8 I'm thinking the same thing...did you hand cut the SW font or did you find cutters???!!!! I have a cake coming up in about a month and could really use those for it!

@MsLiaJ ‍ Your teddy is adorable! As for your other question...yes, there is an adult section of CC.  I've never done a cake like that so I don't really know how to post in it but I would imagine that when you post and it asks what category to place your cake into (wedding, baby shower, etc) that there is probably and Adult section choice there.

Hope everyone has a great week!


MsLiaJ Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 7:16pm
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@catlharper ‍ thank you so much!! especially now that I know it's just not my gallery, it's posts it in the main gallery:)

MsLiaJ Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 7:19pm
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@catlharper ‍ looks like jb updated their site. Hope this helps:)

catlharper Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 7:39pm
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@MsLiaJ ‍ YES!!! Thank you SO much! I will definitely be getting those for my cake!! Whoooo Hoooo!

@Pastrybaglady ‍ I just saw your sweet little cake! Is that a cutter Eiffel Tower or did you hand cut it? Love it either way!


Pastrybaglady Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 10:05pm
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@catlharper ‍ Fortunately a friend of my daughter's gave this cutter to her (she doesn't bake) after she came back from studying abroad. Somehow it ended up with my stuff!  Don't know that happened. ;)

catlharper Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 10:25pm
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@Pastrybaglady ‍ Fortunately we found them online at jbcookiecutters !!! I found both the Star Wars cutter I need as well as the CARS cutter I need! SO happy!

TheKitchenEmpress Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 10:35pm
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Just realized my contribution never posted!

This week I had a Princess themed baby shower cake, a small cake for a music lover and some cookies for Washington DC's 911/311 service


catlharper Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 10:57pm
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@TheKitchenEmpress ‍ Love everything but I think my favorite detail is the music! I love the placement of the bars and notes.  Love the quilting...those little gold balls are SOOOOOO tiny...must have taken you forever to get them on there!

MsLiaJ Posted 6 Mar 2016 , 11:17pm
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@TheKitchenEmpress ‍ everything looks awesome!!! i'm totally in love the the music notes and the crown on the princess cake!

annykimmm Posted 7 Mar 2016 , 2:38pm
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All such beautiful and creative cakes this week! love the tiling work so intricate! I tried something new with watercoloring on fondant. This cake was for a birthday girl who loves photography so I made little poloroid pictures to go around the cake900_friday-night-cake-club-fo_97832656dd92793ea6c.jpg

TheKitchenEmpress Posted 7 Mar 2016 , 2:55pm
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Thanks MsLiaJ!!! <3

@Annykimmm what a cute cake!  The polaroids are adorable. 

SweetShop5 Posted 9 Mar 2016 , 5:09pm
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@MsLiaJ @catlharper ‍ Thank you both!! I actually downloaded the Star Wars font and printed out the name and used it as a template! It's quick and easy!

@Pastrybaglady ‍ You are so sweet! That would be awesome to be on TV! smile.png Thanks for the great advice! I will have to try using SMBC, regular american buttercream doesn't seem to be working so well. 

catlharper Posted 9 Mar 2016 , 5:16pm
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@annykimmm ‍ That is so pretty! I love the watercolor art! Did you paint the panels first then place them on the cake or paint them while they were on the cake? (taking notes here! LOL!)

annykimmm Posted 12 Mar 2016 , 1:51pm
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Thanks guys!! @catlharper ‍ I let the little poloroids dry first then paint on them and waited for the food color to dry and then placed them on the cake!    

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