Gumpaste Decoratons On Cake Pops? Being Gumpaste... Are They Edible?

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dgonzalez227 Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 4:52pm
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i watched a lady make gum paste and fondant decorations to add to cake pops and chocolate covered Oreo. 

 they say they are edible but i was confused how because gum paste i use, turns rock hard

 i cant imagine make little roses for cake pops and eating them after

 im not sure why they didn't only use fondant.. but does it seem strange to use gum paste and they did say its "edible decorations", without saying you can maybe break a  tooth lol 

 maybe im missing something?

 i thought to only use fondant when i make my pops and oreos?

 is this a new technique?

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Minileo Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 6:39pm
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I always use fondant for my decoration (Home made MMF) I let them dry to harden inside my pantry covered with parchment paper if I have 3-4 days to use them or simply add ty-tex gum (From Hobby lobby) for quick results. Sometimes I keep on adding cornflour which makes it little hard and use shortening to smooth it. I agree gum paste hardens like rock but since it has plant based gum powder, it is called edible, though It tastes super bad. I personally prefer rock hard fondant than gum paste as fondant start getting soggy when comes in contact with hand's heat or moisture. 

I never made gum paste from the starting. Just keep a box of ty tyex gum handy in case I have limited time to dry off my figures/decorations. I hope this helps you.

Happy baking !!

dgonzalez227 Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 7:39pm
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Thank you !! I'm going to make everything with fondant that way it's edible 

I just hope it holds up

i was trying to make something thing like this 


dgonzalez227 Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 7:42pm
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-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 8:07pm
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clap.png dgonzalez and minileo your discussion has made me very happy and restored my faith in peeps who make small little decorated things to eat  -- i cannot fathom using gum paste -- it is just so wrong to me -- and i'm delighted to see this thread --

another idea is that some of the decor in your photos could be poured chocolate too  --

just say no to gum paste decor on individual serving anythings yes!

clap.png clap.png clap.png

and fwiw the butterflies look like the flexible lace maybe -- have you tried that at hobby lobby? it's wonderful -- the brand name is sunnyside up bakery 

best of the best to you 

and yes the more cornstarch you use the drier it will get too -- 

Minileo Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 8:37pm
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I am sure you can make all these decorations ahead of time using fondant and adding lil bit of ty tex gum if needed. try not to roll thick fondant even for molds. It will help them drying off fast. 

I have made few baby shower cupcake toppers in past and I used fondant only. You can see the butterflies (Big sized) in my pink baby shower cake was made up of fondant only.

K8memphis thank you for your kind words. I am a self taught over an year old in this whole new cake world and find it very exciting. I try to be true to my customers when I am offering them these sweet lil treats. Also I am scared of karma LOL 

dgonzalez227 Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 9:07pm
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Quote by @dgonzalez227 on 2 seconds ago

Btw what is tex gum? All I have is tylose powder is that something I can use,

thank you guys for the replys

 I'm going to make my own fondant  using mellow mix

I saw it on Pinterest

 I always wondered how to make those fondant topped soft yet hard

and edible lo I always also thought they were something you don't eat and take off 

but seems line a waste ..  

costumeczar Posted 11 Feb 2016 , 12:57am
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I wouldn't eat it but my kids used to. I would tell them it didn't taste goo, it wad hard, and they wouldn't like it, and I think they ate it and said they liked it to prove me wrong, but they ate it. I'd use fondant with tome tylose to stiffen it up if necessary, though.

costumeczar Posted 11 Feb 2016 , 12:58am
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And of course it won't let me edit typos...GOOD and WAS :)

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