Freezing Cake Question - Cool Overnight First?

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agouti Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 4:01am
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I was wondering about when to put my cake in plastic wrap and foil to freeze it. I know that a lot of people advise wrapping it while it is still warm. Does anyone know what will happen if I let the cake sit out overnight and cool before wrapping and freezing it? My family really likes a crunchy/crispy exterior to the cake, and I am wondering if letting it sit out might preserve that. (I've wrapped and frozen when still warm and lost that crispness.)

Thank you so much!

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 11:13am
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if i wanted to preserve the crispy crust I would not freeze it -- i let my items cool off completely before freezing but just the freezing/thawing process will level out balance out the moisture -- redistribute it through out the cake -- so...

MimiFix Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 1:36pm
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Quote by @agouti on 9 hours ago 

My family really likes a crunchy/crispy exterior to the cake... 

Ah, yes, that lovely taste and texture of a freshly made cake! In all the baking I've done, that luscious exterior has only been present within the first few hours. Eventually, moisture migration does its job and freezing cannot  help. There are ways to keep the cake exterior crisp, but those involve processes not compatible with home baking. For a comprehensive look, read this article.

As an added issue, freezing products while still warm can be counter-productive. Once your item returns to ambient temperature, trapped moisture will speed the molding process. If your product will be consumed soon afterward, there's no problem. But for items such as breads, cookies, or a wedding cake that will need several days of decorating, the mold is growing long before we see or taste it. 

agouti Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 5:56pm
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Thank you - that makes so much sense. Now that you point it out, it seems so obvious!

Minileo Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 6:51pm
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To my experience once you wrap & freeze the cake it will loose it's outer crispy texture. SO the best bet would be to leave it over the wire rack to cool off and Eat just like that. I am assuming you are not going to frost it as your family likes to eat crispy cakes.

agouti Posted 11 Feb 2016 , 12:53am
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Thank you! They will be frosted (it's that crust under the frosting, before you get to the soft part, that has the appeal). 

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