Can I Spend 4 Days Working On A Red Velvet Cake?

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Cher2309b Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 12:14am
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I need to make a cake tonight (top tier only. Bottom tier is a dummy and already finished.) I will ganache and fondant it tomorrow (Thursday) and spend Friday and Saturday decorating it with bas relief (fondant), painting and dusting same and attaching pre-made decorations. Party on Sunday for lunch.
My son (It's his 40th) would really like a red velvet cake. Will it stay fresh for the four days? I usually make chocolate mud cake if I need time to decorate on the cake but I would like to meet his request if possible.

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 12:03pm
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i'm probably too late here but the answer is yes and no -- a scratch red velvet might be reaching it's limit in four days and it does not fridge and relax back to room temp freshness if made with butter-- i guess most red velvets are made with oil so if yours is you're ok there -- and you did not mention any refrigeration so idk 4 day old scratch cake is a definite maybe -- some recipes would be ok and some would be willing by then 

red velvet of course is not as hearty as mud cake or even a regular chocolate cake -- it would not be my first choice for a cake that needed that much lead time -- or i would work faster :)

i would suggest that you do a simple syrup 'splash' into the layers as you build the tier to help out there --

a splash is simple syrup + flavor brushed or squirted onto the baked trimmed layers -- simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water boiled till clear, cooled, add flavor if desired, vanilla, or a liqueur--

hope all goes very well

-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 12:04pm
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but that's six days not four

-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 12:10pm
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ok wait -- when you started your post eleven hours ago on TUESDAY then said "I will ganache and fondant it tomorrow (Thursday) 

you are a day ahead of yourself -- i think we're missing one fine wednesday -- hahaha

Cher2309b Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 12:31pm
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Correct ... if I lived in the States. Here, in Australia, it will be Thursday in about half an hour.

Thank you, by the way, for your helpful advice.

I actually spent today racing around, shopping, having edible prints made etc. It's really hot at the moment and, by the time I arrived home, made dinner and cleaned up, there was no way I could face an oven. So, no damage so far. I'll bake the cake in the morning (Thursday here). I did buy ingredients for a red velvet cake but I could pop out first thing and buy what I need to change to a chocolate mud cake. What do you think? It sounds like the safer option

Thanks again.

All the best,


-K8memphis Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 4:37pm
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well thank goodness we didn't lose your wednesday -- wow of course it's thursday in australia --

so yes the mud cake is safer but i really want him to have the red velvet too -- have you made it before? how do you think it will hold up? can you fridge or freeze it at all? well sealed of course --

do you ever torte/fill your mud cakes? (i've never made or eaten a mud cake only like a mississippi mud though and if i'm off a day of the week consider how far off i might be on the mississippi to australia mud hahaha) 

but could you fashion a red velvet layer within the mud -- my son-in-law loves red velvet -- i even have some red velvet crumbly things i bought in a bottle and you can sprinkle them on things -- funny story my husband thought they were chili flakes one day hahaha

yes the mud cake is safer -- what about cut out the center and fill in with a tiny red velvet -- then the surrounding mud cake would keep the red velvet happy and moist -- idk but i want to know what you decide

hope all goes very well and best to you every day of the week including and especially errant wednesdays 

oh do the red velvet -- it should be fine especially since it is only 4 and not 6 days

Cher2309b Posted 10 Feb 2016 , 10:45pm
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Good morning K8memphis. You're missing out on a beautiful Thursday morning. Never mind; I guess you'll catch up later.

You seem to be wavering more than I am between the mud cake and the red velvet. Kieran will be thrilled that you are so concerned for his well-being. Never-the-less, I need to be a tough Mum on this and follow the original advice of a wise lady. Chocolate mud it is!

Actually, he's very easy-going and will have quite a chuckle about this conversation. 

Yes, I made red velvet cupcakes once and they were very popular (and freshly made).

I torte my mud cake with ganache. Love your idea about inserting red velvet cake inside the chocolate mud for protection. Not today; time is an issue. I will make Kieran a red velvet cake soon; I'd hate to traumatise you with the worry of his neglect.

I haven't tried a Mississipi mud cake - must google it. 

Seems your husband is onto something: savoury beef with red velvet crumble? Hmmm...

Thanks again.

All the best,


-K8memphis Posted 11 Feb 2016 , 3:00am
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this was fun -- 

we will both sleep easier with the mud cake and i'll be all caught up with you in about three hours...give or take a few days

best of the best to you 

-K8memphis Posted 11 Feb 2016 , 8:33pm
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just came across this recipe -- never made it myself but looks like it would go well with a mud cake maybe for # 41?

then i have made this one -- it was fun to make:

happy friday, pretty sure

Cher2309b Posted 12 Feb 2016 , 12:34am
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Thank you K8. Looking very nice. On my "To do when I'm looking for something to do" list

Happy Thursday and Friday to you; seems you have more days to look forward to than I have.

Today would have been my Mum's 100th birthday. (She died 9 years ago.) I'm feeling sentimental in a nice kind of way.

Best wishes,


-K8memphis Posted 12 Feb 2016 , 5:25am
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happy hundredth birthday to your sweet mumgift_heart.png

Cher2309b Posted 12 Feb 2016 , 12:27pm
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Thank you; I've sent her your kind wishes. Don't know whether she'll receive them; I hear communication is pretty iffy up there.

Cher2309b Posted 12 Feb 2016 , 12:38pm
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The heat and humidity are playing havoc with my fondant and ganache. I had to add extra melted chocolate to the ganache and even refrigerate it for a while. The fondant is a mess; fortunately I'll be covering a lot of it - may have to be extra generous with the bas relief.

Good night from me and good morning to you.


-K8memphis Posted 13 Feb 2016 , 7:53pm
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so i waited a day thinking i might have taken a tuck in the i'm-one-day-off thing -- plus today i did an early valentine's heart shaped biscuits -- not cookies but scone like objects -- some cream cheesed and some plain ready for jelly --

'they' say we are surrounded by 'so great a cloud of witnesses' so they seem to have a ring side seat and a great view if not perfect audio :)

hope the cake is going well -- think you made a good call to stay with the chocolate cake

Cher2309b Posted 13 Feb 2016 , 8:57pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your heart shaped biscuits.

Yes, the biscuit vs cookies vs scones thing.... Cookies and biscuits are now interchangeable in my vocab, thanks to Sesame Street and CakeCentral. Years ago, in the States, we ordered hot biscuits, thinking they sounded rather interesting. Ahhhh..... scones.

Cake is done and dusted. Thank you very much for your guidance, which was much appreciated. Now, if you can just get it safely to the restaurant for me.....

Here's the cake. Hope Kieran likes it.

Sorry - can't work out how to attach it. I'll post it on CakeCentral after the party.

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