Friday Night Cake Club For 1/22/16

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catlharper Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 2:38am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! ALL levels of cakers are welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! Some have told me that they have fixed the photo problem within forum posts so I hope to see lots of new creations tonight!


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catlharper Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 2:41am
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Hi everyone,

I'm hopeful this is my last Friday night working so late! Next week I'll be here by 9pm PST and able to hang out all evening. Tonight I'm gone in just a few moments and then not back till after 11. I'll check in then but won't really post till tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great week. Only one cake for me. Lemon cake with lemoncurd buttercream covered in fresh MMF. The red fondant is Duff's. Our local Michaels doesn't sell the line anymore so I had to order it from Amazon. SIGH.  The client is adding a stuffed Mickey Mouse in the center as well as a #2 candle after pick up tomorrow but I still think it looks really cute! Forgive the cell phone pic but I wanted to be able to show you all! Have a great week! Cat.


catlharper Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 2:44am
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Hi everyone...I already posted a reply so here's attempt #2! The client is going to add a stuffed Mickey Mouse to the center and a #2 candle tomorrow after picking it up but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's lemon cake with lemoncurd buttercream filling. Off to work now...hopefully last late shift for me! Have a great week! Cat


Marian64 Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 3:26am
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Love the cake Cat. Glad they got the pictures working again. 

Here are my last three cakes.

A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and minions for my niece. A camo cake for a friend. My favorite by far is my Star War Lego cake. I really had fun making this one.  

Looking forward to seeing lots of cakes.

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Gerle Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 3:27am
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Cute cake!  Love the way you did the center for the Mickey Mouse!

Webake2gether Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 4:37am
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I did some cupcakes this week and my husband is finishing our cake order for tomorrow as I type. Oh and we also did a baby shower themed cake as well. Almost forgot about that one lol. 


Pastrybaglady Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 6:55am
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So happy to see beautiful pictures of cake again, nice job everyone!  Working on my daughter's birthday cake tomorrow.  Playing around with macarons again.  First couple of pans worked out okay, but the last pan was a disaster - oh the humanity!



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cara1982 Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 9:06am
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Oh those macarons are adorable!

just one from me this week, not very happy with it. It just seems unfinished....


cara1982 Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 9:07am
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SweetShop5 Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 5:05pm
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Hi everyone!

First of all, I am so happy we can finally upload photos to threads again lol. This week, we got to make 2 really fun cakes!

A snowboard themed birthday cake:


A sports themed birthday cake:


@catlharper ‍ Love the disney cake! Explosion cakes are one of my favourite things to do!

@Pastrybaglady ‍ Those macaroons are so CUTE! You have a lot of patience, I swore I would never attempt doing macaroons lol

Great work everyone!

catlharper Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 5:07pm
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Good Morning everyone! SO happy to see that photos work here again!

@Marian64 ‍ I do like all the cakes but, like you , I adore the Star Wars Lego cake!!! That had to be fun to make!

@Pastrybaglady ‍ Those are the cutest things I have seen in a long time! Seriously...Panda Macarons? SO adorable! Glad that at least one batch turned out!

@cara1982 ‍ Love the gravity defying cake! I can't imagine what I would add to it to "finish" it other than maybe a trim at the bottom but that may well have been overkill! I think it's wonderful!

Thank you @Gerle ‍ Nice to see you stopping by again!

Off to work again today...will stop back in after to see who also joined us!


louglou Posted 23 Jan 2016 , 8:42pm
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This is my latest cake. I only do my kids birthday cakes and the occasional other family member so not much opportunity to practise. I think this is my best one yet.


catlharper Posted 24 Jan 2016 , 2:31am
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Well, today didn't quite go as planned. My client was supposed to show up at 10am this morning and didn't. I left for my other job at almost noon and still had not heard from her. I had started trying to contact her at 11am but  got no response. THIS is why I demand prepayment. Always. So I head off to work and my guys are in and out all afternoon doing errands. At 2:30 she calls me at work...and doesn't even apologize! Just says she's 5 minutes from my house. When I tell her I'll have to call my husband because I'm at work and we had expected her at 10am I got nothing.  Literally...nothing. No sorry, no excuse just dead air. So I call my hubby and he's just arrived back home so I called her back and let her know and all I got was a Thanks. SIGH.  She didn't even come to the door. My hubby said a teenager came to the door to get the cake and she didn't say anything either. SO glad I get paid before delivery.

Anyways... @SweetShop5 ‍ I don't know which one I like best! I love the theme of the first one and the signs but love the color of the second one! 

@louglou ‍ That is SO cute! I love the ponies too! Do you have a cutter for those? I bet Elodie loved it!


Ashchi Posted 24 Jan 2016 , 8:01am
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Hello bakers, I'm new to this group. Am a hobby baker. I had a question, so when u bake cakes fir customers do u guys make from scratch cakes or box cakes? 


catlharper Posted 24 Jan 2016 , 5:39pm
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@Ashchi ‍ I do a bit of both. Most of my cakes are "doctored" cake mixes but I have a couple that are scratch cakes only. My frostings/fondant are from scratch.

Welcome to our group!


mymamacakes Posted 24 Jan 2016 , 6:29pm
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SweetShop5 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 4:14am
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@catlharper ‍ Thank you!! I'm sorry that happened to you, I can imagine how frustrating that is, I can't believe she didn't even apologize. That's so rude. The least she could have done is send you a message saying she was running late. 

@Ashchi ‍ Everyone is different, but we always bake all our cupcakes, cakes, and fillings. Our fondant and gum paste is store bought.

@mymamacakes ‍ super cute cake!

Gerle Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 4:28am
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mymamacakes....that is a really cute cake!  Love it!  Ashchi...speaking for myself, I prefer scratch cakes but have a few that are made from box mixes, and from what I've read on here, I think there's a variety.....some bake from scratch, some bake from mixes or doctored mixes.  I also make my frostings, but purchase fondants and gumpastes from a local cake supply store.

julia1812 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 4:48am
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julia1812 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 4:54am
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OMG. ..They fixed the problem! Finally!!!!

OK,  so here's a cake I made for my friend's wedding. It was a simple all from scratch cake. Bottom layer was a 12" lemon cake with key lime curd filling, pearl colored fondant and mini sugar pearls, middle tier 9" white cake with butterscotch filling and piped pink smbc rosettes and top tier was a 6" vanilla cake with cinnamon swiss meringue buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant and mini sugar pearls and gum paste flower. 

It survived being on display outside in the garden in the East African summer AND - which was my biggest worry - the delivery on our lovely roads. Here's  a picture of our main road, you don't even wanna know how the side roads are looking like

julia1812 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 5:07am
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Ashchi Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 5:14am
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Omg so cute cake julia1812.

Thanks guts for the response, by the what is doctored cake mix?

I'm sorry asking too many Questions, new to this group n I feel like I have lot to learn from u all.

Ashchi Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 5:16am
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My latest cakes

julia1812 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 5:45am
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A doctored cake mix a box mix with some added ingredients to sort of stretch it and/or change flavor.

I'm still in shock I was able to upload pictures, lol!

I love all your cakes and I find the panda macaroons a fabulous idea!

Since I took a break over Christmas / new year I had lots of time to experiment. Finally managed to make some apple rose puff pastry pies for my family and Christmas cookies of course! And I also started making my own guimauve  (marshmallow) in various flavours. If you want to make your kids happy give it a try!!! We even made a plate for Santa as they insisted he would prefer guimauve over cookies :)

Haven't been on cc for quite a while as it was just to annoying seeing all the spam and page not working properly. pleased to be back.

julia1812 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 5:50am
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Oh..and @ashchi :

I make everything from scratch. It's one of my main selling points. 

Pastrybaglady Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 6:18am
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This cake was the first cake for my daughter's 15th birthday.  This was for the extended family.  They don't particularly appreciate elaborate decoration so I go for cakes that scream EAT ME!  Got something special planned for her friends party.


SweetShop5 Posted 25 Jan 2016 , 1:58pm
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@Pastrybaglady ‍ That definitely screams "EAT ME" because I want to eat it right now haha!

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