Friday Night Cake Club For 1/8/16

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catlharper Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 1:59am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! All levels of cakers are welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help if they need it or provide help if they can.

Hope to see some photos tonight of what you all have been working on this week!


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catlharper Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 2:01am
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Hi everyone,

I'm working again tonight so I'm signing on now. I'll check back when I'm off of work but will, most likely, see y'all tomorrow morning. I haven't done any baking in the past few weeks. Christmas cakes were cancelled when others volunteered up desserts for family dinners. With working retail those weeks it was impossible for me to bake anyways so it was welcome help. Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Pastrybaglady Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 7:51am
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Happy New Year Cat!  I made these nut free macaron bears for NYE and the golf cake was for a 60th birthday party the day after Christmas.  That was tough to get that done in the midst of Christmas busyness!  Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous 2016!

Brown bear macarons

Golfer's Birthday Cake

catlharper Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 6:12pm
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@Pastrybaglady  The golf cake is adorable, as are the cookies. I love all the details on the cake! I had had such plans, even bought the ingredients I needed for the Christmas cakes and it just wasn't going to happen. With two baby shower cakes last month followed by working retail and my photography business it was just too much to add more cakes in. But I have Super Bowl, my daughters birthday and Oscars coming up so there are cakes in my future! Please keep sharing yours so we can live vicariously! LOL!


jellybeanlane Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 10:30pm
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Awesome I didn't know about this.... I'm looking forward to it if in can only figure out how to post pics on here lol..

 @Pastrybaglady  love that cake!

SweetShop5 Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 10:53pm
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Hi everyone! 

It's been awhile but the site is finally working a lot better for me, even though there's still quite a few issues lol.Just like adding pictures to this thread..

I spent Christmas in Portugal, so no cakes for me for 2 weeks which was tough haha! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

Any who, January has started out a bit slow for us, but that's ok!

We made these sugar cookies for an engagement party:

We also did 3 mini cakes, and one half cake for a company who will be doing a photo shoot with our cakes. We will be featured on a blog and receive the photos for our own use. We're very excited!

@Pastrybaglady  amazing work as always! Your 3D sculptures always amaze me!

catlharper Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 1:17am
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@jellybeanlane  Welcome! We have been having some issues with photos..sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Keep trying or put in links where we can go see them! 

@SweetShop5  SOOOO jealous of your holiday in Portugal! You know the photographer in me would have changed places with you in a heartbeat! LOL!  Congrats on the blog feature!! How very exciting! And I'm always envious of your cookies...just not a skill I ever picked up so I'm totaly envious of the work you do!

We were slammed at work today so tonight is a Pizza Night. Absolutely nothing impressive here cooking wise altho I may end up making brownies later! LOL!

Have a great week!


jellybeanlane Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 2:54am
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ok hopefully I've done this right lol... these are two of the cakes I did for the holidays... One for New Years the other for Christmas... I was really excited because the choc. was the first time making my own frosting and the Christmas one was the first time I made the block pattern (cake) and the décor is choc ... it's red velvet( dark brown and bright red) and Cream cheese

catlharper Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 3:32am
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@jellybeanlane  Pretty cakes! I particularly love your top edges...that flare thing you do is really pretty!


Marian64 Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 3:35am
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Here is my latest cake. My friend sons have January birthdays and love Star Wars and Legos.

jellybeanlane Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 3:46am
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Thank you Cat I'm not  even close to being as good as you guys are but I love trying lol

Webake2gether Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 6:45am
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We've been fairly busy lately but I totally missed Friday night cake club the withdraw was starting to kick in lol. Sooooo nice to "see" everyone this week and as usual some really great work!!  

christmas time was bananas for us for about 2 weeks all I did was hand piped sugar cookies I think the  final count was somewhere close to 400-450 and I do the cookies alone. I was getting pretty efficient lol. We are averaging about 2 cakes a weeks for orders now and January is almost booked completley and February is filling up quick as well. So business has been good :) we did our first order 2 tiered cake last week and I swear it about killed me. My hats off to y'all that do them....seriously!! We've done them before but the pressure of it being a paid order and everything not going right was just too much. I wish the picture upload button would work again. I'll try to post some of our recent work later. 

hep275 Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 9:12am
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For the first time ever I have managed to get 2 pics into the gallery but now don't seem to be able to put the links in this message!  

The 2 cakes I have posted are a Deathstar I made for my daughters boyfriend who was hosting a Star Wars party to celebrate the release of the new film and for the same daughter I made a handbag cake for her 22nd birthday.  Both these cakes were new territory for me as I've not used chocolate ganache before, worked with carved cakes or done anything like the Deathstar before but although nowhere near as fantastic as most of the cakes I see on here, I was pleased with the results.

hep275 Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 9:16am
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hep275 Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 9:49am
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Pastrybaglady Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 5:48pm
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Nice work Hep!  My brother has been asking for a Death Star for forever!

Sigh, I miss the old days when all you had to do was scroll to see a ton of beautiful cakes.

SweetShop5 Posted 11 Jan 2016 , 1:22pm
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@catlharper  thank you so much! I'm sure you would have taken the most beautiful pictures! You're so talented blush.png

Of course the baker in me couldn't resist, so while I was there I found 2 amazing cake shops and bought so many tools that I needed an extra carry on haha!

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