The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Amps.prkns Posted 8 Jan 2016 , 7:45pm
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I'm stumped. I have a recipe which I think is perfect, the chocolate chip cookie comes out gooey and crunchy and chewy but the minute it gets cold it's hard as a rock. I need a cookie I could make at seven in the morning and it will still be the same at midnight what can I do differently, or have you found the perfect chocolate chip cookie?

here's my recipe:


8c  Brown sugar 

 2c white sugar

8 eggs

8 yolks

16c flour

4T baking powder

2T salt

16c chocolate chip 



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Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Jan 2016 , 9:55pm
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I proportioned your recipe by 1/4 to compare it to mine.  This is what yours looks like:

1c butter

2 cu brown sugar

1/2 c sugar

2 eggs

2 yolks

4 c flour

1T powder

1/2 T salt

4 cups chocolate

The major difference between your recipe and mine is a lot more sugar and flour.  You've got about a cup more flour and a cup more of brown sugar than mine.  Brown sugar should add moisture so I think too much flour is the culprit.  I just made a batch of cookies last night and they were really soft when warm, crispy on the outside and a little chewy on the inside when cool and a few hours later.  

MBalaska Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 3:47am
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my recipe is close to yours @Pastrybaglady  

For beginners the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag is pretty darn good.

craftybanana2 Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 10:26pm
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You may also be over baking them too. Cookies are always softer when warm and for a bit afterward. Try baking for the minimum time as well.

For recipes, mine uses 2 cups of flour (I use 1/2 all purpose and 1/2 bread flour), 1 cup of brown sugar(no white sugar) and 1 cup of butter, 3/4 teaspoons of baking soda (plus eggs and chocolate chips). I started with a back of the bag chocolate chip cookie recipe and and then played with it (in small increments and lots of documentation). This site helped me figure out what to add/subtract since it has pictures: it explains what does what to the cookie with pictures! :D

Good luck! Everyone's ideal cookie different. I like soft, but my Mom loves only crunchy, so my recipe can vary depending on who I'm making it for.

LeanneW Posted 18 Jan 2016 , 12:51am
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I use the Tollhouse recipe but substitute good dark chocolate and ALWAYS use butter, NEVER margarine, I use sea salt instead of iodized as well. I have found good success with them. I use a cookie scoop to portion the batter and put the cookies on the baking tray in the fridge for 30 minutes before baking them. I take them out just before they look done so the residual heat finishes cooking them, keeping the center soft. They stay amazing for a couple days. 

I love salty and sweet so I add a generous pinch more salt than it calls for and add walnuts or pecans, but I know nuts in cookies is a polarizing topic.

shaloop Posted 21 Jan 2016 , 3:15pm
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Bake for less time. You can also try melting the butter before mixing, using part shortening, or adding a little corn syrup.

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