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Debbie45628 Posted 29 Dec 2015 , 3:42pm
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Just called the cake supply store and found out that they sell Isomalt nibs or crystals...lady said that nibs are easier to use but expensive...I want to make 6 beer bottles and she talked like enough nibs for one would cost at least $25...those of you that have made a beer bottle, can you give me ant suggestions?  Thanks

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Dec 2015 , 3:53pm
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suggestions regarding the pricing or how to make them -- do you have the molds?

this is part 1 -- there's 3 more parts to this

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Marge118 Posted 29 Dec 2015 , 5:45pm
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If you are making a brown bottle- I have used equal parts of just regular granulated sugar & water (much, much less expensive)  to... I think the hard crack stage. In order to get it to proper stage, the sugar turns brown- but that does not matter if you are wanting to a brown bottle anyway. This will not work if you are wanting the bottle to be clear- then isomalt will be required. 

costumeczar Posted 29 Dec 2015 , 9:21pm
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Just use sugar or the isomalt crystals and cook it yourself. The nibs are already cooked, so it saves you some time, but the cost isn't worth it if you're going to be using that much.

Debbie45628 Posted 30 Dec 2015 , 4:05am
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Thank you both so much, Marge have you made a beer bottle that way?  I need to find a reasonably priced mold, too

Debbie45628 Posted 30 Dec 2015 , 5:54am
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K8Memphis ,  thanks for reminding me about his video, I had watched it before but didn't think  I would ever be making these bottles....

costumeczar Posted 30 Dec 2015 , 1:16pm
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I made one using a mold that I made myself. The molds are kind of hard to make, so none of them are going to be cheap. You'd probably be better off making a half-bottle mold and putting the two halves together. It would use less silicone that way. You'll also have to make sure that the mold you use is food-safe since some of them aren't.

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Debbie45628 Posted 30 Dec 2015 , 6:01pm
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Thank you Coustumezar, unfortunately I am finding out that none are cheap, the kit to make one is like $79, so trying to decide whether to make or buy one...  was going to make 2 cakes for my twin brothers (free), so have decided to go another way this time and use a chocolate mold for a beer mug, but plan to make these bottles soon, too...

640Cake Posted 30 Dec 2015 , 6:38pm
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There's a putty, Amazing Mold Putty, that you can buy at Michael's, if you have one near you.  One box is 21.99, but they always have some kind of coupon going (jump on their website).  I bought two boxes for that price, since I had a 50% off coupon.  I made a horse mold out of a toy horse.  Covered the entire toy, let it set, and then cut it off from the toy, so I now have a 3D mold.  I would imagine a bottle would work the same.

Debbie45628 Posted 31 Dec 2015 , 5:45am
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640Cake  Is the putty food safe?  I was into Michaels tonight and used one of my Jo Anns' coupons

640Cake Posted 31 Dec 2015 , 2:26pm
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Yes.  The insert states it is food safe - just wash with soap and water after making it and allow to dry and only use edible material in it as once you use it with non-edible material, it is no longer food safe.

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