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costumeczar Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 2:12pm
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Apti and I are having forum withdrawal since it's so hard to get onto them these days. If anyone wants to join my facebook group while they're working out the kinks here, go over there and do that. It's not a very active group, it's a long story why I started it that has to do with collecting VAT tax, but there are a few people from CC on there already. 

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julia1812 Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 3:27pm
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It says only your customers will be acreated to your face book group. ..

costumeczar Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 4:40pm
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Go ahead and join it and I'll approve people. I had to set it up that way to begin with because of the purpose for it to being with. Long story.

theresaf Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 7:53pm
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Whats happening -  That page says the may be link broken or missing!?! - almost funny.  almost


cara1982 Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 8:02pm
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I thought it was just me having problems with cake central! Ever since they changed the website I've struggled... Such a shame

costumeczar Posted 7 Dec 2015 , 9:30pm
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Pffft...Just copy and paste the link, I guess it won't work if you click on it. Ironic.

Webake2gether Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 12:33am
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I sooo wish I could join but I'm not on Facebook except to manage our business page through an app on my phone no personal account though.

I've all but given up on cake central lately :( I get my cake central fix from emailing with @Pastrybaglady  haha!!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful couple of weeks!! It's been a busy and fun filled season for my family! 

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 2:21am
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Seriously sad.  There was only one forum working last I checked.  Webake2gether and I are trying to weather the storm.  CC, come baaaack!

Heath Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 9:27pm
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I am not sure what is causing anyone to have trouble accessing the forums, we will check the logs and try to investigate but we are not having any trouble accessing them here.

costumeczar Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 9:58pm
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@Heath  I don't know if it helps you figure to what's going on, but the only way that I can get into most of the forums is to start on the home page where it has the newest posts. I can see those posts and respond to them, but then when I go to the forum itself from the button in the post it says 500 error. When I try to get into the forums by clicking on the drop-down menu it's hit or miss, but for the most part I get a 500 error for all of the forums. I've sent a few messages about it, I think this has been going on for a couple of weeks, maybe?

Also, if I click on start a new thread I can do that, but then it won't let me get into the other posts in that forum afterward.

theresaf Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:01pm
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I've experienced the same problem and reported it weeks ago.  I did get an automated message that it was received and I could expect a reply shortly but I've never received a reply.  I can only access the top forum topics on the main page.  Any help here is much appreciated!


Heath Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:07pm
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hmm.. I have tried accessing posts in all forum areas from all navigation points and I am not having any problems.

please go to our help section and submit a new support ticket from the browser you are having problems with.  This will allow us to capture your browser info.  Also please include in your message what device you are using.

Perhaps the problem is specific to certain OS or browsers.

costumeczar Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:10pm
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I don't think so, I use Chrome and IE, plus whatever one is on the Ipad. I'll write up a new ticket anyway.

theresaf Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:11pm
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Just checked again - I am now able to access the list of forum topics!  Yay! First time in many weeks!


costumeczar Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:20pm
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Oh my Gawd, me too! I hadn't even checked this time because it wasn't working at lunchtime!

Heath Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:23pm
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well we still have something to investigate because we have not changed anything at any point today, so the problem is likely to come up again until we isolate it.

Apti Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:37pm
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Costumeczar's post 10 of 16 is exactly what's been happening to me as well.  It's been at least 10 days or more.

Heath Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:39pm
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ok, I don't need any more reports of bad incidents of it, we will go through the error logs and see what was happening.

-K8memphis Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:43pm
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i put in a help ticket some time ago fwiw

soods Posted 8 Dec 2015 , 10:55pm
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I have been trying to post some pictures from my phone to the gallery with no such luck.  Everything I click on gallery from my phone it doesn't give me an option to add a picture.  Is there another way I should be doing this 

Heath Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 1:30pm
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Jackie rolled out a code update last night to hopefully fix the intermittent forum access problem, let us know if it comes back.

Heath Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 1:31pm
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@soods  Uploading from phones is not currently supported but is on the roadmap for January.

Webake2gether Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 1:46pm
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@Heath  it's back and the forums are working great for me!! Thanks for getting that fixed!! 

Apti Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 2:11pm
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Yay!  Thank you Heath and Jackie!

LelekBolek Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 3:24pm
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I sent a request to join your fb group, costumeczar. At least I think that is your group :-) 

I have had big problems with forum, too. It is back now, but who knows.

Pastrybaglady Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 4:19pm
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@Heath  Thank you for getting the forums back!  Unfortunately now that they're back so are the annoying black magic love spell people.  I can't seem to notify you on the posts like before. 

costumeczar Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 4:20pm
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I just got the 500 error on the business forum, too. Maybe the black magic love spell people put a curse on it.

Pastrybaglady Posted 9 Dec 2015 , 4:29pm
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@costumeczar  I just clicked on it and it went through but there is a lot of spell casting going on over there!

Apti Posted 11 Dec 2015 , 9:58pm
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Our lovin' is supposed to come from the oven, not black magic love spells.   [fyi costumeczar, I got your PM back, but can't access it now to respond, so Merry Christmas! ]

One of the things I didn't mention is that I have to login every single time I reply to a post.   Sent a message to "help".

SweetShop5 Posted 11 Dec 2015 , 11:08pm
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Problems are getting worse by day. I get logged out almost every time I click a link on this website. First time I've been able to reply to a thread all week. It's getting quite frustrating.

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