Friday Night Cake Club For 11/20/15

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catlharper Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 3:01am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! ALL levels of cakers are welcome to share their weeks, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! Can't wait to see the cakes this week!


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catlharper Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 3:20am
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Hi everyone! This week I had my hubby's birthday cake to make. We love the movie short LAVA so I made him a cake based on that. It was marble cake filled with chocolate brownie buttercream and then, after I added the face, the "caldera" crown and the mountain ridged "arms" I then hand painted the fondant and then piped buttercream to finish it. It was a hit...especially after we lit the candles and the volcano looked like it was erupting!

I have found out tonight that the site is still having issues so I'm trying to upload the "lit" photo in addition to this one:

Hope everyone had a great week!


Webake2gether Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 5:06am
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Hey everyone!!! Hope you all had a great week. Mine was a roller coaster. A lot of great things happening and a few that really bummed me out. Our local paper did an article on us and published it in today's paper. It seriously happened overnight they called yesterday did the phone interview and bam it's in today's lol and my phone never stops ringing.  We lost an order this week bc I won't do copyrighted images and it was just an experience that while I'm grateful for I was sad about as well. I've cried some tonight bc the excitement of growing and the fear of growing proved to be too much ( being a women is lovely isn't it lol)  so with all the orders I've taken this week I only had one go out funny how that works huh :) I did marbled red velvet with white cake cupcakes  nothing fancy just red and white colors bc he likes the cardinals. 

@catlharper  awesome work I want to see it lit now very cool. I only hope to gain the ambition you all have to go for cakes like that!! 

Can't wait to see what everyone has done this week!! 

catlharper Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 5:49am
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@Webake2gether  Thanks! I'd love to show you it all lit up but I can't get another photo to load up either here in the forum or into my gallery. Based on the fact that very few images have been loaded up into the gallery I'm going to guess that there is some major issue now. I'll keep trying!

As for your "loss" this week. It is much better to offer "background" cakes which use the plastic figures on them than to take a chance of making copyrighted cakes where you will get sued. I think Disney starts at 10K for their fines. I don't know about you but I certainly don't have that sort of money laying around. I only make copyright cakes for my don't get in trouble if you don't sell the cake...but it does mean you can't offer that same cake up for sale to anyone else.  Just not worth the risk. I hope the spotlight on your company means your work calendar is filling up!!! However keep in mind your limitations and do not be afraid to say "no". You will quickly learn how much is too much for you guys and learn to turn business away for the good of the business.  Make your rules and stick with them. You will be ever so happy in the end!


Pastrybaglady Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 7:28am
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@catlharper  I lava your cake!  I showed it to my daughter who plays the ukelele and has that song - she loves your cake too!  Nice job :)

This was a cake for a woman who turned 40 and has just returned to work as a counselor.  I had her husband sneak into her office when she wasn't there and take pictures of her work spaces.  This was the conference room.



julia1812 Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 8:05am
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Morning everyone! Yes, I think something is wrong with the website...can upload pictures into this thread either, so here are the links:

This is a Spiderman cake for the little boy of my friend. What a coincidence that you are just talking about copyright character cakes!

The other one is a simple coconut cake with coffee flavoured smbc. It was for one of my lovely customers who is a coconut adict, lol. She'd call me every now and then asking for cupcakes or cake saying "have it ready whenever it suits you". Isn't that a dream!?!

I love your vulcano cake, @catlharper  ! Please post pictures of it "spitting lava"!

And your cake is just gorgeous, @Pastrybaglady  I can't pipe, so I especially adore your writing on the side of the cake!

Read your article @Webake2gether  WOW, you can be proud of yourselves ;)

Webake2gether Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 10:21pm
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I wonder if I can finally reply on here lol. You know I don't have the money or the lawyers to fight Disney or any other large corporation  so it's a simple no way for me to make them and sell them. My kids are the only ones who get them from us.

@Pastrybaglady  how do you do that especially on the side of a cake???

Pastrybaglady Posted 21 Nov 2015 , 10:31pm
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@Webake2gether  I couldn't hold the pastrybag normally because of the angle and my turntable is too big and gets in the way so I held the bag with two hands both thumbs facing towards the cake and tried my best to keep a straight line as I piped as simply as I could.  I admit I probably only breathed between words!

Webake2gether Posted 22 Nov 2015 , 6:24pm
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Anytime I write on a cake I hold my breath lol. For some reason that's the hardest part of the cake for me. As soon as it's time to write I start shaking bc I'm terrified of messing up. But I'm improving so that's good right?!?!

catlharper Posted 22 Nov 2015 , 6:38pm
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Sorry...guys...the site is having image issues. I can't seem to get the photo of the volcano "erupting" to load in either this forum or the gallery. I'll keep trying and let you know if I'm ever successful!


catlharper Posted 22 Nov 2015 , 6:59pm
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Guess what!?! It worked! You can see the "after" of the volcano here:

Pastrybaglady Posted 22 Nov 2015 , 10:07pm
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@catlharper  It's spectacular!  I want to make one :)

Webake2gether Posted 23 Nov 2015 , 9:30pm
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Wow @catlharper  that looks sooo cool!! I feel like all our cakes are boring in comparison haha!! But I think the really cool cakes will usually be ours and the rest will pay the bills. I actually love doing birthday cakes and occasion cakes they seem to be easy to do well and they help pay the bills. If I had an order for a cake like that i'd probably shave years off of my life with worry. Good job!!

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