Black Lace And More

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Jeff_Arnett Posted 30 Oct 2015 , 2:07pm
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Marvelous Molds shared this link to the edible artists network on creating a Halloween wedding cake.  In the tutorial they make black lace using gelatin, glycerine, water and balck coloring and it seems to work well.  I've tried coloring spreadable lace mix with black coloring but it tends to be very gummy and breaks easily when removed from the mat.  I think I will try this method this looks like a great website.

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costumeczar Posted 30 Oct 2015 , 4:05pm
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Interesting...I wonder what the point of the glycerine is if you're basically just making a stiffer gelatin. I bet you could put titanium dioxide  or any other color into it too.

handymama Posted 30 Oct 2015 , 5:00pm
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How much gelatin?

costumeczar Posted 30 Oct 2015 , 5:15pm
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Oh my...You're right, they didn't bother to say how much gelatin! From the photo it looks like 1 Tbsp, but who knows if that's right or not...

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Jeff_Arnett Posted 31 Oct 2015 , 1:48am
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Yeah, it doesn’t say how much gelatin does it…but I’d say 1 tablespoon is about the maximum that could be dissolved in 3 tablespoons of water. 

costumeczar Posted 1 Nov 2015 , 5:27pm
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Oh my lord...I decided to try this and used 1 Tbsp, and it's the nastiest stuff ever. But I hate gelatin  and try to avoid it, so it just creeps me out anyway. I put white in it instead of the black, and it's setting up now, but I was able to take a snowflake out about ten minutes after I put it in the mold, so it sets up fast.

For anyone who's used the original cake lace or any other spreadable stuff like that, how do you attach it to the cake? I can see that I'll be able to take this stuff out of the mat, but will it just stick to the surface, or are you supposed to put icing on it or anything?

costumeczar Posted 1 Nov 2015 , 6:20pm
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Ew, I did a video that shows this stuff. It works, but it's so nasty. I'm going to get some flavored jello to see if I can wrangle that into working. This just about killed me to do, I hate gelatin so much. 

Jeff_Arnett Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 12:54pm
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I attach my lace by patting the back side with a damp paper towel....just the slightest bit of moisture is all that's needed.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 12:59pm
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If you tried flavored gelatin you'd probably need to use sugar-free.  Regular would have a lot of sugar that would make getting the proportion right difficult I'd think.

costumeczar Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 2:25pm
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Good point, i was wondering how that would affect it. My guess is there's more sugar than gelatin in those packets.

I did another test with a tylose-based version, will post that video in a bit. That one didn't skeeve me out so much but it was a lot more brittle than the gelatin one. I'm going to do one more with a gummy worm-type recipe to see ho that works, then I'm going to go disinfect myself after touching all the gelatin.

costumeczar Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 5:37pm
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I did the tylose one and it seems really brittle. I'm sure the recipe could be tweaked to make it more liable, but I do remember that when I made some with tylose a while ago it did keep drying and it turned very brittle. 

Webake2gether Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 5:56pm
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Very interesting tests you are doing I'm curious to see the results all compared to on another. I've never used the spreadable lace nor have I worked with tylos just haven't delved into that part of cake decorating yet. However I do enjoy learning and watching as I'm sure it will serve me well one day to have learned about it now :) 

costumeczar Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 8:35pm
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I didn't even bother to do a video on the jello jiggler/gummy worm recipe one, it's the same as the first gelatin one and I couldn't take any more. The gelatin one seems to be the best in terms of keeping the detail on the lace and not ripping when you take it out of the mold. The gummy worm recipe one was hard to fill the molds with, and it wasn't as strong when I took it out so it ripped easier. The first one was totally unrippable with normal handling. So go with the gelatin if you need something quick. Ugh it was so gross.

Webake2gether Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 8:52pm
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@costumeczar  I guess I'll just have to watch the other videos to hear you say eww gross one more time lol. I was going to count them and see which video you said this is gross in the most ;)  

i dont have to the touch issues with any foods (if jello is a food) but I have many aversions to food textures  and can't eat yogurt unless it's Greek kind the texture of regular yogurt gags me and I can't stand the texture of green peppers the crunch makes my skin crawl and I want to spit them out. We all have our things. Don't get me started on pickle juice either lol

costumeczar Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 9:13pm
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The gelatin one was definitely the one where I lost it the most, I can't stand it. Blaaarrghh

I'm 100% behind you on all those foods. Yogurt=Greek or the whipped ones only because the goopy texture of regular makes me yack

Green peppers are the worst polluter of food ever. One tiny piece in a huge pot can ruin the whole batch.

Pickle juice? Oh hell no.

Webake2gether Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 9:33pm
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when we go out to eat and I order a hamburger or a sandwich I repeatedly tell the waitress/waiter that there is to be no pickles on my plate, not on a separate plate and that no pickles can be near my food. I can't stand a bun or bread that has sopped up pickle juice (insert gagging sound here) I tell them I will send it back if it comes out with one on the plate. I know diva alert right??? I can't help it there is something about a pickle and it's juice that makes me crazy lol. 

costumeczar Posted 2 Nov 2015 , 10:04pm
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I always check to see what they put on my sandweeches before I take a bite because I do NOT want pickles or mayo anywhere near my mouth.

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