Cream Cheese Flavored Emulsion - Yes Or No?

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lindagal Posted 16 Oct 2015 , 4:09pm
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Has anyone out there used the Lorann Cream Cheese Bakery Emulsion?  If so, please share how you used it and your thoughts on the results!

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Jenmarlene Posted 16 Oct 2015 , 4:19pm
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would like to know myself.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 16 Oct 2015 , 5:07pm
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You'll probably get a lot of differing opinion here...but for me, I did NOT like...wasn't really "cream cheesy" to me and more of an artifical chemical taste than I like.

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Cali6422 Posted 16 Oct 2015 , 6:11pm
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I have to agree with Jeff ... I'm not a fan.  To me, it just does not taste like cream cheese.  However, I did use it for a 'test cake' I brought into work (tough group ... no holds barred feedback) and they raved about it.

virago Posted 17 Oct 2015 , 3:35pm
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thumbs down for me too...

imo, it doesn't taste even remotely like cream cheese, and it has a very chemically smell that borders on repulsive...the 'unique' smell does not go away even when the emulsion is mix into product.

SummerBakes88 Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 2:43pm
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I also did not like it at all and after tasting it in my recipe the smell and taste haunted me all day long :(

-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 2:57pm
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those oils are difficult to use -- i've recently used the essential lemon oil from lorann -- my previous use was like all the others here where it sucked and this time i used two drops in some date bars that were way too sweet -- i guess the dates had been processed with a ton of sugar anyhow at first they were gross too the smell and the taste were super yuck -- then on the second day the oil had dissipated enough and the date bars are great -- it's so easy to use too much of that stuff -- i should've only used ONE drop but anyhow just my thought -- i have used the cream cheese and it came out ok but i don't even remember for what now -- anyhow

summerbakes88 -- so well put that the smell haunts you -- it really does but when it works it's a beautiful thing 

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SummerBakes88 Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 3:13pm
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K8memphis maybe I did add too much. I think it may be a mental thing. Sometimes if you think it's going to bother you and make you gag -- well, that's exactly what happens! haha

-K8memphis Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 3:16pm
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it's hard to get the right dose -- it's hard to add least/less/little enough

mellee2012 Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 6:18pm
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I just used it in some was ok, nothing to really write home about.  I am not sure I would bother to ever buy it again but you never know til you try something.

lindagal Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 7:00pm
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Thanks for all your input!  Sounds like the cream cheese emulsion is a big NO!  Speaking of lemon oil, I do like Boyajian pure lemon oil; I don't know if it's the same thing as the Lorann.  I use this in addition to lemon zest to get that real lemon taste in cake, cookies or frosting...much better than extract!  But you really do have to be careful with the quantity... only one or two drops.  I also use it to make lemon pasta:  I put a few drops in the water when boiling pasta or making lemony rice, YUM!

MBalaska Posted 10 Nov 2015 , 8:32pm
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as a kind of rule of thumb for me, I can put some artificial flavoring or oil into a baked good and get the essence of the flavor without the bad effects, but in candy, frostings, icings and glazes it just doesn't work as well. 

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