Anyone Else Get A Message From Miss Madou?

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costumeczar Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 1:06am
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I got this message from a lovely lady (I'm sure she's not a Nigerian scammer) and was wondering if I'm special or if she's contacting lots of people. Anyone who's done any research can see that I would be interested in contacting her for scammer fun but since it's so obvious I'm not going to bother. 


i am, very happy to contact you today when i saw your profile here 
Please accept my apology if my mode of contacting you will in any way offend you. I am
 compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition. please write me back in this my private Email([email protected]) so that i will tell you more about myself includes my pictures  please awaiting your reply.
yours Patricia
([email protected]) "

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AAtKT Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 1:58am
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I didn't get one...

You must be special... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye.png

costumeczar Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 2:00am
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It makes me think that someone really wants me to answer them, which also makes me think that it isn't really a scammer, but it's a fake scammer who doesn't know how to scam people, if that makes sense.

AAtKT Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 2:16am
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You could always email her back with a link to your fun with scammers post...

Then they could be educated on how to do it properly... lol

craftybanana2 Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 2:43am
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I just looked it up: Romance/bank phishing scam.

And no, I didn't get one, yet.... We don't need another "Helen"

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pastrypet Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 3:50am
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Now, don't go bashing Helen, my one true love!  :-D

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costumeczar Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 12:04pm
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Helen Back is my special lady...

costumeczar Posted 9 Oct 2015 , 10:55pm
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So if nobody else got the message then I'm assuming someone is deliberately trying to get me to answer the scammer, which means that they're pretending to be a scammer to scam me? How stupid is that? But dumber things have happened.

LelekBolek Posted 12 Oct 2015 , 11:34am
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I got one. I deleted it right away. It is a scam, and an old one - I actually giggled in surprise to see it again. :-) 

I have a huge personal dislike of scammers, and call them out if/when possible. I know they mostly don't care, but sometimes I can't help it. I hate people preying on elderly, for example. Like, with the recent IRS scam, when they call someone's phone, and scare people out of their money, that is supposedly owed in taxes. 

I ask the caller what his id number is, and say I am "also an IRS representative", surprised to get a call, since it is against the policy, and that IRS always and only MAIL notices, and ask for their ID and a return phone number again, so "my supervisor" can check with their supervisor on any violation of the IRS policy. 

And this. I can't wait to try this some day LOL (just kidding, but really, the internet has EVERYTHING!) 

costumeczar Posted 12 Oct 2015 , 12:38pm
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I usually write back to them for fun and see how long I can string them along. They don't usually contact me on here, though, they're branching out.

auntginn Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 3:08pm
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I got one last night from someone named Thelma.  She keeps trying to get time to email her direct.  I keep telling her to leave all messages in my CC mailbox.  lol

Apti Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 3:41pm
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Auntginn ~~ I also got one from Thelma.  It was short and actually sounded fairly reasonable.  Although I've deleted it, it went something like this, "Hi Dear.  I have a question , please contact me at x x x . c o m", Thelma.   I responded by asking if Thelma could pls provide more info since I didn't know to which thread she was referring, and got back an almost identical response to her first one.

Deleted them.

auntginn Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 5:20pm
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lol.... I asked them to post here as to the nature of her request and she said.  To be friends and further our relationship.  She wanted to send me pics.

lol  I keep saying "She"  who knows who really is behind these.

costumeczar Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 5:50pm
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Aw, Thelma didn't write to me yet.

LelekBolek Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 6:54pm
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Well, there is some random pouty-lipped duck-faced photo in the cake gallery. Perhaps it is Thelma. Or Madou. 

Angelfire3 Posted 22 Oct 2015 , 7:06pm
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I got one from Thelma. I also got one on FB a few months ago saying the same thing. They want our bank account to "transfer" money to it. It's bullshit. 

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