Corn Syrup & Starch In The Uk?

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CarolineGFcakes Posted 5 Oct 2015 , 6:46am
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I've  recently seen a post on here regarding the equivalent of corn syrup in the UK. A few people had posted saying golden syrup can be used in place of corn syrup but the recipe I'm doing is sugar glass & with golden syrup having colour to it,I wondered if it would colour the glass?

thanks in advance

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CoinUK Posted 5 Oct 2015 , 9:02am
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You can get corn syrup in the UK at Tesco, I got some Karo syrup to use for modelling chocolate as the golden syrup tinted the white chocolate too much.

For some reason, you can't get it at Asda though, which is surprising. I think I remember Waitrose doing it, but not sure as we don't have one near to us. Saying that, Golden Syrup works out much cheaper, but there is the colour issue.

I used the Karo with great success when I made this


Took me three attempts to get it right but got there in the end.  :)

CarolineGFcakes Posted 5 Oct 2015 , 9:21am
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WOWZERS,that's amazing!!!! 

Ah that's brilliant,thank you so much! I'll give it a bash,got an Waitrose nearby so ill PPP in,thanks for your reply!

MBalaska Posted 5 Oct 2015 , 9:38am
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I've seen an UK recipe for making you own clear corn syrup on the internet.

really adorable cake !

CoinUK Posted 5 Oct 2015 , 11:29am
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Thanks for the compliments :)

The video I watched beforehand was this one.

It was pretty easy to do but took me three attempts. The trick I found is making sure to watch the colour of it as you do it. You can see when it starts to darken and that's when I needed to take it off, despite my sugar thermometer saying it still needed another 5 degrees. I went by the temperature the first two times and the colour went all dark and brown. Third time I took it of when it was just starting to change and got it bang on right.

Tastes delicious as well with some flavouring in it :)

Shockolata Posted 6 Oct 2015 , 1:27pm
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You can buy corn syrup at Waitrose. As for corn starch, that is nothing more than our corn flour. :) If you are making sugar glass, you can use glucose instead of corn syrup. You can buy glucose at any supermarket. 

Callicious Posted 6 Oct 2015 , 5:54pm
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I've learnt something here. Thanks @CoinUK I'm going to try... I've been using liquid glucose to make modelling chocolate, but the recipe is for corn syrup.  Thanks @CarolineGFcakes for raising the discussion 

CoinUK Posted 6 Oct 2015 , 10:51pm
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You're welcome, @Callicious :)

Liquid glucose works as well, but I find it's a LOT more expensive. Golden syrup works great for milk and dark modelling chocolate though ;)

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 7 Oct 2015 , 2:12pm
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I was looking for corn syrup for AGES to make modelling chocolate (refuse to pay the extortionate prices charged by some places.  We don't have a tescos here so never checked and it wasn't online last time I looked.  THANK YOU PEOPLE!!  *doing a little jig in my head*.  Question though...for modelling chocolate, do you use candy melts or regular eating chocolate?

thanks x

CarolineGFcakes Posted 7 Oct 2015 , 3:42pm
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You're welcome @callicious! 

Wow,thank you everyone for your replies,it's really helped me out!! Although I did ATTEMPT to make my own corn syrup... It went rock hard immediately after leaving the pan?! I now have a solid brick?! Is this what happens? Can you maybe melt it back down?  The recipe said it lasts for 2 months? Think mine will last 2 years?! I think I'll give the glucose a go too,me & my great ideas.... 

Thanks again everyone!!

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